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The Friday Five ~ No.1

 Hi friends!

Welcome to the latest and greatest series on the blog, The Friday Five. Where I'll be sharing my top five favorite things that I've been loving lately. I love love love fashion and initially started this blog to serve as a fashion blog, but lifestyle has really become my niche as my family and I have grown. On The Friday Five you are bound to find a wide variety of items. It may be a new Bible study, a coffee mug, my favorite socks for the girls (yes, I have one), or my latest makeup find. We'll be all over the place, but I hope this will serve you in some way!

This week was pretty difficult to chose just five, so I went with what I've used the absolute most and will share the others next week! 

1. Ponds Makeup Remover - this $5 makeup remover balm is my new favorite! It takes off every little bit of makeup. I have very sensitive skin so I made sure to test this out for 3 weeks before I reported to y'all. It's amazing! 10/10 recommend.

2. Lake Pajamas Weekend Set - Gosh, if you've been around here for a minute then you already know about my obsession with Lake Pajamas. This set is the newest addition to my collection and is currently the pjs I reach for the most. They are definitely pricey, so I usually put them on my holiday wish lists or save up for their sales (which typically happen only twice a year, but I'll keep y'all posted!).

3. Laneige Lip Mask - Ohhh my gosh. Now that I have this product I don't think I'll ever be able to live without it. Technically its a lip sleeping mask, so apply a thick layer before bed, but I also do a thin layer throughout the day sort of like using chapstick or lipgloss. My lips have never looked or felt better! I linked the one I use on this post, but my sister-in-law has spotted this same brand at TJMaxx for a little cheaper, so keep an eye out!

4. Yeti Mugs - Another item I'll no longer be able to live without. I typically drink iced coffee but during the winter I need a good hot coffee. However, I'm a slow sipper and typically have to reheat my coffee 37 times. These mugs have been a game changer. I use the short one for home an the tall one for on the go (it fits in car cupholders and has a closable lid)!

5. Chain + Coin Necklaces - These are sold separately, but I've worn them together almost every single day since I got them. They're a great price and amazing quality! 

I think babies can sometimes be the hardest to buy for, especially if you aren't currently in that season of life having a 0-12m old. As a mom of two (current ages 3 + 8m) I hope these suggestions will make your gift shopping even easier!

No matter the age of the baby you're gifting to I really can't recommend the luxe baby blankies enough. Bentley is going on three years of sleeping with her "blankie." And there was a time in our life where we could not go anywhere without it! I'll never forget frantically calling target to see if we left "blankie" in our cart and preparing myself for a sad baby that night! Luckily we found blankie at home and my mother-in-law immediately ordered a "back-up blankie" just in case. Goodness, I feel like I am attached to the blankie at this point haha! 

For baby babies, you can't go wrong with the cute paci clips the crochet ice cream cone or milk rattles! Rattles are definitely a gift that grows with them. Emme is currently loving Bentley's train set so I put the pink one on her Christmas list and I know she'll love it. If you know mom's style then I highly suggest the baby bubbles! I always love receiving precious baby clothing. I know Emme would love that plush purse and thought the boy's sport bag was adorable.

I hope this helps some of you mamas or giftgivers!
xo, Kaylyn


Christmas Pajamas for Kids


Can y'all tell I have a thing for light pink and light blue? Is my obsession noticeable? 😉  Goodness, these jammies are all so precious! Benny and Emme Jo will be wearing the ones in the bottom right corner on Christmas Eve. And if I'm being honest, they've been wearing them since we got them during the first week of November, but it's 2020 and there are no rules so we get to celebrate Christmas for as long as we want! I also got them the extra fuzzy slippers and Bentley is obsessed with them. They're only $10! 

You can shop all of these finds, including the accessories and books, by clicking the picture below. I receive a teeny tiny commission when you shop through my links and it truly does mean so much when y'all take the extra step of going through my blog or LikeToKnow.it page! Thanks so much!


5 Sneakers I'm Loving for Fall


I'm both creeped out by this cut out of me and also super proud for figuring out how to do it, ha!

Hi, my name is Kaylyn and I'm obsessed with sneakers. Seriously, I just don't think you can beat a good sneaker! I wear mine with literally everything from jeans to dresses. Looking cute yet feeling comfortable is always important to me and sneakers are just that. I have the suede vejas and just love them. I will say I switched the laces out for these No Tie Laces from amazon and it made them so comfy and easy to just slip on, so I definitely recommend doing that!

You can shop the products, including my outfit, by clicking the images below!

Happy Monday!
xo Kaylyn