Life Update

Well I have finally gotten around to writing another blog post! Between not knowing what to write about and just having so much going on I neglected to keep my blog up to date. So this post is dedicated solely to an update on Caleb, Bentley, and myself.

BENTLEY: We'll start with everyone's favorite ;) We went to the doctor this past Tuesday for a standard checkup and what could be our last ultrasound. During the last ultrasound they take several different measurements of the body and also show you up close facial features. I always think it is so crazy that there is a little babe growing inside of me and I have zero idea what she even looks like. The ultrasound revealed to what could only be the perfect combination of Caleb and me. The first thing the nurse commented on was how long Bentley's legs are. We both have really long legs so that came with no surprise. Then she pointed out how much hair she has. So crazy that they can even tell in an ultrasound! But caleb and I also both have a LOT of hair so we figured Bentley would get the thick hair as well. We got to listen to her fast little heartbeat and then the nurse measured other body parts. When the nurse was measuring Bentley's stomach she was taking significantly longer than she did on any other body part. Automatically I worried. Luckily I had the sweetest lady who talked me through everything she was doing. She told me that Bentley's stomach was measuring smaller than normal and that is was very close to being in the tenth percentile. If any body part is measured below the tenth percentile the doctors get very concerned she mentioned. The nurse wanted Bentley to move around so that she could get another measurement just to make sure. Even after poking at her and having me lay on my side Bentley wouldn't move. Again, I started to worry. So the nurse just measured her in the same position but got a better measurement, which put Bentley's belly closer to the twentieth percentile. We then got to see Benny's (not so) little face. Which revealed her chubby cheeks, and those definitely came from me ha! She then gave us Bentley's estimated weight as of right then, 5 pounds and 6 ounces. The nurse said she was on the smaller side but nothing to be concerned about. When we saw the actual doctor she said everything looked great. Words I needed to hear. So overall Bentley is head down and ready to go and could make her way into the world anytime now!

ME: As I tell my friend Alexis all of the time..I would be the worst spokesmodel for pregnancy. I'm sure girls are terrified to get pregnant when they hear of me haha. I threw up for the first five months, I'm constantly uncomfortable, I am back to being nauseous, sometimes I feel like I can't really breathe, I fainted at church last Sunday, and I have this awful feeling of my entire body being itchy.  At the beginning, everyone would tell me that pregnancy would be a breeze for my body since I was so young. And lets just say that is not the case at all. Through all of the complications though I wouldn't change a thing. Aside from the physically draining aspect of pregnancy the main thing I deal with is the worrying. I hear all of the horror stories of what other moms go through or what happened to other babies and it terrifies me. Doctor appointments are usually monthly until the very end of your pregnancy. I am the girl that wants to hear her baby's heartbeat every day, not just once a month. I want Bentley to be constantly kicking and moving inside of me, even if that means she kicks my ribs all day. I want to have an ultrasound done all the time so that the doctors will tell me she's okay. I have absolutely no reason to worry this much. Every time I go to the doctor they tell me everything looks perfect and that Bentley is healthy. But the terrifying thoughts consume me. I constantly second guess myself with trying the remember when the last time I felt her kick or wonder if she is kicking less than she did the day before or how soon I would need to get to the hospital if I thought her movements were different or nonexistent. Y'all, I drive myself insane.  Now I am going to the doctor weekly and it couldn't be a better thing for me getting to hear her heartbeat so often. Also, thankfully I have the constant reminder of who holds my child's heartbeat. I know that God is in control and has knit Bentley together in my womb. And I have the greatest husband who constantly eases my worries and tells me I am being crazy when necessary ;)

US: Well we got married and moved out!!! June 13th Caleb and I went to the courthouse all by ourselves. We struggled with when to get married, where to get married, and how to get married for a long time. After taking a step back, taking a breath, and evaluating what we truly wanted and what we thought God's will for our life was, was when we made our decision to get married at the courthouse alone. We are so young and so far have had plenty of people pour into us what they thought was the direction we needed to take for almost everything going on in our lives right now. We wanted the decision to get married to be a decision that WE made. So without the influence, opinion, or control of anyone else we got married at the courthouse. Our families are super excited for us! One of the many things we both have learned during this entire season of our lives is how to make our own decisions. The only way we are going to be confident and remain without any regrets in our new little family is to make our own decisions. Even if that means we make mistakes, it is still our mistake and we will be able to tackle that a whole lot easier.
Moving out has so far has been great. Other than me crying for the first night because I missed my family ha. It is definitely an adjustment going from a house with 7 people to going to an apartment with only 2. It wasn't even like I was around them all day and all night, it is just the idea of having my sisters down the hall and my parents down the stairs. It was just knowing that they were there. We're about a month into living on our own though and it has gotten much easier! Plus, my parents literally live two minutes away so I visit often and talk to them every single day. We both enjoy going to the grocery store and cooking together. We haven't attempted anything complicated, but so far we haven't had any fails, woohoo! Thank ya Jesus for pinterest recipes. Our apartment all together has 7 dead animals hung around with more on the yes, I have let caleb do some of the decorating. But I love seeing how happy it makes him. Plus, I use it as leverage when I want something.

I am so excited for Bentley to be here, but I try to remind myself to enjoy life as it is right now. I have promised myself to update again way sooner than I did from the last time, so stay tuned.


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