Bentley Kaye's Birth Story

This is the story of the day my heart grew two times bigger.

On August 22nd (6 days after my due date) I had my last doctors appointment. When Dr. Brickler came in to check on the baby and examine me he asked if I was ready to have the baby and if I wanted to be induced. I told him I didn't want to go too much longer. He immediately fired back the response of "Okay, well how about tomorrow?." YES. I was excited. I was nervous. But I was ready. We left the doctor with the knowledge that I would be induced on the 23rd, but that I would have to wait for a phone call that morning between 4 am and 8 am. I automatically assumed that meant I would get the call in the early morning then go in later that morning. So, what we believed would be our last night as a family of two, Caleb and I spent packing up the final items and getting our little home ready for baby.

We were so excited that neither of us thought we were going to be able to sleep. Although Caleb ended up sleeping from 12-8 with no problem ha. I fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 4:15 because I was having stomach pains (which I thought were nothing). I got one hour of sleep! And then I didn't even receive a call!! So at nine I decided to call them. The nurse on the phone told me that they were backed up and she wasn't sure when I would be called in. I was bummed. I was SO ready to have her and my entire family took off work that day already.

I kept having those "stomach pains" and at 2 in the afternoon I decided they were real contractions. I called the hospital again to see if they had any updates on when I would be called in and the nurse then told me that there were 4 people scheduled to be induced before me and they also had people coming in due to contractions/water breaking. She didn't seem too hopeful that I would be called in that day. So I rode with my family to get my little sister from school and we stopped by Big Easy Snowballs per my request.

My contractions were coming closer together but they didn't seem bad at all. I still even questioned if they were real contractions haha. Caleb and I went back home and around 5 I no longer questioned if those "stomach pains" were contractions or not. So I started timing them. They were anywhere from 5-10 minutes a part and lasting at least 35 seconds. The golden rule is to not go to the hospital until they are 5 minutes a part and last one minute for one hour. I had the worst back pain during my contractions so I decided since we were staying at home that I would take a bath and lay in bed to ease the pain. Caleb went and got us Moes for dinner (if you know me you know I love Moes) and I swear I didn't feel any contractions during the 20 minutes I ate. Queso is liquid gold. After dinner my contractions got worse but they weren't regular so I thought I should just wait it out. At this point they were ranging anywhere between 4-7 minutes apart and lasted anywhere from 45-60 seconds. I called my mom and told her to bring me a heating pad for my back. The drive between my parent's house and my apartment is two minutes. By the time my mom made it over I told her I was just ready to go ahead and go to the hospital. So my mom left to go home and change and Caleb and I packed up everything we needed at the hospital. We met my family back at my parents house and then all 9 (yes, n i n e) of us headed to the hospital.

We got admitted and I was in triage so they could monitor me to see if I was in labor. Finally they decided I was going to be staying but they warned me that it might be a while before I got an actual room. I ended up staying in triage for five hours. I tried to pass the time and ease the pain by walking around, visiting my family in the waiting room, and sitting/standing in different positions.

When we finally got into a room at 2:00 am Thursday morning I felt pretty exhausted. And they told me I was only 4.5 cm dilated. Which meant I only dilated one cm the entire time I was in triage. One nurse for sure thought I was going to need to be induced still. But thankfully the other nurse I had decided to let me labor on my own until 6 and then we would reevaluate. I didn't specifically want to be induced because I've heard stories of how it can make the labor way more intense. But at this time I also didn't want to be only dilating one cm every five hours. At 2:30 am I asked the nurse if I could take a warm bath, and I was able to. It's not that it took the pain away, but constantly changing positions and places where I laid/sat helped me. Which I am sure was all mental. I went from the bed to the bath to the rocking chair to the regular chair. Then finally at 4:30 am I asked the doctor for some medicine. I went in with the plans and hopes of not getting an epidural. So I got the IV medication. As soon as she put it through my IV I got instant relief from my back pain which allowed me to lay down. It made me super drowsy so I was able to sleep in between the contractions, and yes that meant short five minute naps but it made a huge difference just being able to close my eyes and somewhat doze off.

Around 5:00 am I was laying in bed when I felt a rush of fluid. My water broke! I was still kind of out of it so I leaned over and told Caleb "I think my water broke go get the nurse." And sure enough it did. The nurse came in and said I was 5 cm dilated. Up until this point my mom, my dad, and Caleb had all been in the room with me. At 5:30 my sisters returned after going home to get a few hours of sleep. I thought I would allow all of my sisters, my mom, and Caleb to be in the room when it came time to push. But when they walked back in I was in a lot of pain and just needed my mom and Caleb there. So the rest of my family went to the waiting room.

The rest of the time frame is pretty blurry but after that it all seemed to go by really quick. I remember asking for a second dose of medicine. Then at some point having the doctor come in and tell me I was 8 cm. I remember being really excited about that because soon it would be time to push. When all of that happened it was still dark outside. Then I remember being 9 cm dilated, and it was light outside. This was the absolute worst part of my labor. My body felt like pushing but the nurses said I couldn't until I was ten cm because my cervix wouldn't be big enough to allow her head through. I tried my hardest to "breathe through the contractions" and not push but my body wouldn't let me. I think I told my mom every single contraction to go get the nurse because I was pushing. Every time the nurse would say to just breathe. I was annoyed. Obviously if I could "just breathe" then I would!! I was twisting Caleb's arm, squeezing three of his fingers, and pulling his hair. I told my mom several times that I just couldn't do it anymore. I was moaning and making terrible noises that I am sure I would be so embarrassed if I heard myself make ever again.

I then got a new nurse who was heaven sent! I LOVED her! I told her how I couldn't breathe through the contractions no matter how hard I tried. She automatically started throwing out suggestions of what might help me make it through until I was 10 cm dilated. Unfortunately, none of her suggestions helped the pain or the urge to push. But it helped mentally just switching positions and having something new to focus on. Finally I reached 9.5 cm and the nurse said "lets just go ahead and start pushing." I've never heard any word sound so sweet. I started pushing around 9:10 I believe and then Bentley was here at 9:56. I pushed for only 40 something minutes and it didn't even feel like that long.

I can't express how great Caleb and my mom were. They both should change their profession to labor coaching because I for sure wouldn't have been able to do it without them. And then the nurse and the doctor who delivered Bentley were just the absolute greatest. I felt so calm and in charge of my body and my pushing because of them. Everyone in the room at that time made me feel so empowered and that I could do it.

Immediately as Bentley was born she was placed on my chest. I'll spare you the details, but a bunch of very painful things happened after that and if it weren't for the fact that I was holding my precious babe then I don't think I would've handled it as well as I did. I was in love. Immediately. The pain from labor went away as soon as she came out. No contraction pains. No back pains. Bentley got to lay on my chest for one entire hour. It was the greatest feeling. She wasn't taken away for any weighing, measuring, nothing. It was just me and her.

I could go on and on about how great Caleb was during my pregnancy, then even greater during labor, and even greater being a dad. That is my favorite part of it all. Watching Caleb be a dad has made me love him in a whole new way. I was even nervous for him to go back to work because I didn't know if I could do it alone, he truly does SO much! He is so in love and already so protective of his little girl.

Bentley is only a week old but it seems like I've had her forever. I can't imagine life without her. I am so incredibly thankful that God saw us fit to be her parents. It was never the plan to be married with a baby at 20, but this life is greater than any I ever dreamed. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us during our pregnancy and labor! We truly could not have had a greater experience followed by the even greater joy that has made our family.

So there is the long, yet shortened, version of my labor. It took 14 hours, two doses of medicine, and a whole lot of convincing. But I did it! I am so thankful to have had a smooth and natural labor. And somehow I am ready to do it all again. Don't worry, baby number two is not even on the radar and (hopefully) will be planned! ha.


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