Coton Colors Warehouse Sale

I've always been a fan of Coton Colors, but now that I am moved out and actually cook my love for all things kitchen has vastly grown. Colton Colors has the most beautiful serve-ware and it was one of the things I couldn't wait to get my hands on once I moved out. This week is their warehouse sale, aka the best three days of October (other than Halloween, of course.) I could've walked away with sooo much more than I got but there is power in resistance, right? Now I have to think of someway to reward myself for the self-control I so greatly executed.

I wanted to get cute everyday dinner plates so that is why I chose the large polkadot ones. Plus, they're neutral and fit into my every day vibe (is that even a thing? I'm just going to roll with it.) My next goal was to start a holiday collection. With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up I initially though I would start there. And trust me they had the cutest plates and platters for Fall holidays. But once I laid my eyes on the Christmas display there was no turning back. The heart wants what it wants.

I think the larger plate is perfect for every night dinners. You can place a simple white small plate on top or add a pop of color that compliments the season. It's also good for the holidays because you can stick with that plate as the base and just switch out the smaller plate on top

The dinner plate isn't offered online but they have tons of other cute ones to choose from.
The salad plate (also could be used as a dessert plate) is their Holly Jolly Ruffle Plate which can be purchased online. The ruffle edge is my fav. Both plates I got sets of 5, the deal was 5 for $40 (originally they are $25 and $15 each plate)

Centerpiece details are super simple, I just threw something together for the sake of the picture ha.
Tin W is from Hobby Lobby ($5)
Candle and wreath are from Loli&theBean ($28 and $17)
I got the matches on sale at Antropologie for $7, they're typically $16 I think. They can also be found at Loli&theBean.

Coton Colors Warehouse Sale went online last year after the sale ended in Tallahassee at their actual warehouse so look for that to happen again if you are not local! Also, hang onto your receipt after you go because they usually do a surprise day where if you show your receipt from a past purchase you get any one item for free!

Happy Thursday, friends!

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