Favorite Fall Earrings

The easiest way to boost the level of your outfit is to add statement earrings. There are some beautiful statement earrings out there that I would pay a pretty penny for, because I am totally an earring girl. But, when it comes to the seasonal trendy earrings I don't like spending too much on them. Plus, the less you spend on one pair means you can get even more pairs, right?!

My first Fall favorite are these Moon & Lola drop earrings which I had my eye on since the summer. I think they pair perfect with any sweater. These ones are a little more on the expensive side but they're pearl with gold lining, which is such a traditional look that is timeless. I'm pretty much trying to plan our family's Christmas card pics around these!

Then there are these fab ones. This style seems to be this seasons trend and they were $10 so it was pretty much a no brainer to get them. They come in 7 different colors, but I'm a neutral nancy and had to get the white.

I love these ones! I initially went to buy them in a bright red but, once again, my true self took over and I checked out with the black. I need to turn neutral nancy into fancy nancy and force myself to venture out, ha. This pair is offered in four different colors.

Y'ALL. I don't have these (yet), but I NEED them. Came across these lovelies today and I think I might have to order them. They are less than $25 and are pure perfection. 

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