October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Funny story behind the pictures in this post. Bentley was terribly fussy, like, all day. So, when Caleb was finally able to take pictures for me we decided we would put her into the baby carrier strapped to Caleb's chest (for the first time.) Well, it did not go well. She is not a fan of it. Yes, I realize these pictures are borderline wacky. We ended up taking the pictures on our balcony, ha. But, I was so excited to share this outfit and already did my make up so I was bound to make it work. 

I am so into the wide sleeve sweater trend right now.
This white one is a staple piece and the sleeves add a little bit more to your outfit, making it
not your average white sweater. You can pair it with a scarf, statement necklace, or just something dainty and you're set. I will have this sweater on repeat so stay tuned to see all the ways I style it.

If you're new here then you need to know that I am a bargain shopper and basically never buy anything that I can't wear several different ways. So when I went to buy over the knee boots I was really torn on what color I wanted. I'm not usually the one to buy too many things in black, but I kept getting ideas on different outfits that would be perfect during the fall and winter so I opted out of the brown. But, they were both only $40 so I might go back for them too.

Lets talk about these earrings! I love them. I recently found them in a bunch of different colors so if you're looking for something a little more fun then click here. You can bet I'll be getting 2 to 3 different ones.

Sweater (here) // similar Faux Leather Skirt (here & here) //
Boots (here) // Earrings (here

Eat all of the candy today, my people!
xo Kaylyn

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