$16 Orange Dress

Happy Monday!

However, you're probably not happy..because it is Monday. BUT, I've got a $16 dress to share with y'all! So, hopefully that helps a little. 

Dress (in all colors) here // Boots here // Earrings here

This cutie little dress was such a find. It comes in a few different colors which I've linked above. I chose the orange for Fall, of course. Pairing it with statement earrings and over the knee boots dressed it up a lot making it perfect for date night or girls night out. Unless you're a mom and your girl going out is a baby. Then I suggest anything spit-up proof. 

I think you could easily pair this dress with flats or booties and a cardigan for work-wear. And on the retailers website they even paired it with jeans, wearing it as a tunic, and I thought that was adorable too.

If you get this dress (or anything I suggest) tag me in your pictures! 
I would love to see how you style it. 

Bentley didn't sleep the best last night but took a long nap this morning so Monday is treating us pretty good I'd have to say. Our trip to Target can only make it better ;)

Come back tomorrow to read all about the G I V E A W A Y  I get to host!
XO Kaylyn

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