Our First Christmas Tree!

Hey Friends!

 Yes, we caved. We bought our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. But it was just one day before so maybe we're not that bad? And I guess I shouldn't say that we "caved" because I've been itching to decorate for Christmas. What encouraged us to go ahead and do it now is that they were 20% off before Thanksgiving. Always #ballingonabudget. Caleb got to work from home today so it just really worked out. We went to Hobby Lobby and got a bunch of Christmas ornaments and my MIL gifted us some of the cutest ones from Coton Colors. This tree may look a little short on ornaments this year, but we're excited to collect meaningful ones as the years come. As y'all have heard me talk about, one day Caleb and I hope to be living on a little piece of land and the latest addition to that dream is to grow our own christmas trees, per Caleb's request, so stay tuned to see if that happens in ten years😉.

In more important news: everything I am wearing is on sale. All linked below. As well as Bentley's Christmas onesie. The bow she is wearing comes in a set of 20 for less than $10.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!
With Love, Kaylyn

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