December Life Update

Hi Friends!

This post isn't debuting an outfit or letting you know about a recipe I just tried. It's just simply a conversation between me and you! Well, I guess for now its just me to you, but I hope y'all follow along on Facebook, Instagram, email me, or comment on the blog so that this can be a two way conversation.

I guess we'll call this a life update? I'll roll with that. 

Bentley is 3 and 1/2 months old. She is a little chunk and is such a great babe. We had a few weeks of her refusing to go to sleep unless she was being held. I put partial blame on all of my family members that insist on holder her 24/7 haha. But, we've (for the most part) gotten through that phase. She does not like to be laid down. She needs to be sat up (with help, obviously) so that she can see everything that's going on around her. And she needs to be able to see me if I am not holding her. But, she is the best baby when it comes to running errands and being out and about. She doesn't make a peep. At first I feared going to the grocery store alone anticipating her to have a meltdown. But, anytime we're out she is just so content. She loves to be moving, so as long as the cart doesn't sit still for too long then she's good. Which obviously makes going to Target a daily I mean a weekly 😉 outing. And she'll nap longer in her car seat than she ever has in her crib. Speaking of cribs, yes..she still sleeps in her bassinet right next to my bed. I really haven't even thought about making the move to her own room yet. Maybe one day. When she's like five. Or ten. 

In exciting news for myself, I am working at Loli&theBean again! Okay, I'm not really sure if one half day a week is considered working, but I am so excited to be back. I worked at Loli from my sophomore year of high school up until the month before Bentley was born. I can not rant enough about what my boss and manager taught me and did for me during those four years. And to be welcomed back to do a little outfit styling and modeling is making my heart so happy! In my prayers recently I just kept asking for fulfillment with being a stay at home mom. I love it, don't get me wrong, but somedays I just feel I could contribute to my family more. Or feel like I could be making a difference in other peoples lives through a 9-5 job. I prayed about it several times, and then I got a call from my sister asking if I would do some things at Loli. Jesus y'all, Jesus. This past week I swear I've felt just SO blessed. I always think of how blessed and fortunate I am, but sometimes I fall into ungrateful seasons. For some reason, every day this past week I've had little reminders throughout the day of how truly blessed I am for the life I am living and all that I have. I love being able to be at home with Bentley and am so grateful for the hard working husband I have who wanted to make me staying home a priority. 

Speaking of that hubby, I feel like I leave Caleb out of the blog too much. Maybe he should do a "guest post", haha I'm quite sure he would never do that. But, If he had anything to say I think he would go on and on about duck hunting and how excited he is that these next few days are cold. Y'all, I've never met someone who is so obsessed with hunting. He claims it's what he thinks about all day at work.. and then quickly adds "oh, and I think about you and Bentley too!" He's great. And he is a great dad. He is currently rocking Bentley to sleep, just like he has done the past five nights, and melting my heart because of how sweet it is!

We are so enjoying this season of our lives. The next post will be back to styling or gifting or cooking, but I hope that you've enjoyed this little life update!

Love from Tally

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