2017 Reflection

Hi all my sweet friends!

It has been a while since I've been able to post. Between the Holidays and all three of us being sick I just haven't had the time/energy to get to it. But the Christmas decorations are packed up and put away, and we have all gone to the doctor so we're now on track to all getting better. As I have mentioned before I want this blog to also be a place where I can write down sweet memories that I will be able to look back on in the years to come. Not that I think I'll forget anything that happened during this big, busy year ha. However, I start this with a 2017 reflection!

January: January 1, 2017 is the day that we told our families that we were pregnant (we found out December 22, 2016.) What a start to the year! Tears. Happiness. Fear. All the feels for this day. I also start my last semester of college to get my AA. To which morning sickness accompanied me every single day.

February: I had my first doctors appointment and then we announced to the world (aka social media) that we were pregnant. This month hit hard with all pregnancy symptoms. From cleaning up my throw up to driving to get whatever I was craving at 11 o'clock at night, Caleb filled every need I had.

March: We found out we were having a girl! Although at the gender reveal party the majority of people wore blue in hopes of having a boy. But, my sister in law was also pregnant with a baby girl so we were excited to be both having girls 2 months apart! And I am one of four daughters so my family knows girl business well. We then drove to Savannah for my (soon to be) brother-in-law and sister-in-law's wedding. Shortly after finding out we also decided on our babe's name: Bentley Kaye Williams.

April: We got engaged! It was the day after April Fools day sooo I had to make sure Caleb wasn't trying to trick me ;) Caleb also decided to pursue a full time job so this is the month I had to start driving myself to school. Which meant dealing with morning all day sickness all by my lonesome.

May: I finished TCC with my AA degree and one of my older sisters graduated from FSU. Right after school got out we went on a beach trip with all of Caleb's family. Some of my favorite memories with them are from the beach trips. And I know that we have many more in the future!

June: We got married and then we moved out! Oh, my what a month it was. We hopped on over to the courthouse said I Do then came back to our empty apartment that had a bed, dining room table, and television. So logically we celebrated getting married by coming home and playing Super Mario. #noshame. Still waiting on my honeymoon, though! (wink wink @ caleb)

My precious baby niece was born this month. This was a huge factor, because my sister-in-law having a baby just before me would be way more beneficial than I could've ever thought. I ask her tons of questions and feel so much comfort in knowing and trusting someone else's advice/opinions on all things baby. She is also the most perfect, God loving, kindest, most beautiful person so obviously I hold all advice about life in general from her close to my heart.

July: Not much happened for us this month. I did leave my job of four years and take on my new title as stay at home mom. So the only thing I am left to say is Caleb got another tattoo. And if you know then you know all you need to about this subject haha. Onto the better months ahead.

August: The best month all year. Bentley was born! August 24, a long seven days after her due date. I've already written a book of a blog post about this month so if you are new here and want to know more then head a few posts back!

September: I turned 21. We endured a hurricane that really turned out to be nothing for us. I learned a lot about motherhood and marriage. And even more about knowing it's okay to ask for help. In high school I would always say "when in doubt..call your momma." Let me tell ya, there is no truer statement. Moms know best..even after you become the mom yourself!

October: Bentley's first halloween and her first beach trip! Caleb's parents beach house was finally done being built so we were able to slip out of town to enjoy a few days with his side of the family. This is the month that I was accepted into Like to Know it. Big blogging day for me :)

November: Our first Thanksgiving together. We spent the day with my family then drove to Savannah to spend the following days with Caleb's family. This was the first official beginning of sharing the Holidays. I also got my first collaboration which I was so excited about!

December: It was a long, yet fast, super busy and hectic month, as December usually is. Bentley was sick with a little cold literally all month. She started teething. She started eating baby food. She got bigger (13 pounds 7 ounces to be exact.) We celebrated our first Christmas together with Caleb's family. And due to my homesickness we hopped in the car and headed back to see my family right after lunch. A drive on Christmas day worth all four hours.

So there it is - All the big details of our year. Probably the busiest year of our lives with the biggest changes. It wasn't all glamorous. In all honesty, I cried more in this year than I have in my entire life. Some things were hard. Some decisions were harder. And some things continue to be that way. But, I learned so much about myself, motherhood, and marriage. And I relied on God more than I ever have before which ended up being the greatest blessing. I am so glad that this is how my year went. I will forever be grateful for everything that I learned and everything that happened in 2017. You can quote me on that ;)

xo Kaylyn


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