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I often purchase items and then when I get around to posting them they are sold out or are no longer available online. So I thought I'd jump the gun and create a "recent purchases" post so that you can shop these items before they go just incase they do sell quickly!

I have had spring fever literally since the first day of the year. As soon as christmas is over I'm ready to say bye to the cold weather. Although, I am truly never very welcoming to it in the first place #floridagirl. So this post is dedicated to all spring things!

 I am on a very limited budget (that I am also very thankful for, seeing as I could have no budget at all!), so I truly always try to stretch my budget as far as it will go. That means hunting down the best deals and bargains, finding dupes for the more expensive products that I love, and sometimes just waiting and waiting until something goes on sale. In all honesty, that used to hold me back from being a "fashion blogger", but I figured I can't be the only girl in the world on a budget, right?!

Here are the SIX items I got for under $100:

Okay, I'm calling this color to be very popular during this Spring season. I think it would also be perfect for all of you Brides-to-be to wear for rehearsal dinners and bridal showers with a white dress. 
If you wanted a more versatile piece this shoe also comes in tan, black, and navy! 
ONLY $20

I ordered this dress to go with the blue shoes. 

Bentley is going to be dedicated to the church sometime during the spring and I thought this dress would be cute to wear for that(with the blue shoes of course!😉)

I adored this green dress and the sleeves!

I plan on putting a white came underneath and pairing this top with a skirt.
Last, are these blonde tortoise earrings that I think are so cute!

Everything except for the shoes came from SheIn, which I know can be a tricky site to order from sometimes. I recommend always reading the reviews that other customers post below the product to see how it worked out for most. But, so far everything I've ordered from this website has turned out great! I will review all items form this post once I receive them so you know how they turned out for me.

As always - please email me, direct message me on Instagram, or leave a comment here if you have any questions!

Thank you for stopping by - it truly means so much that you take the time to read my posts!

xo, Kaylyn

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