Bentley's Room Tour

Hi guys!

So now that Bentley is almost 6 months old it's the perfect time to share a room tour, right?! I'm a little late to the game. But, of course being my sentimental self, I know that I am going to want these pictures of us in her first little room so here we are!

Always. Pulling. My. Hair.

Crib // Bedding // Ladder
Frame // Wreath // IKEA Basket

Benny's room is actually my favorite room in our home. Not only because it is the only one totally put together.. But, she has four windows and the natural light in there is the best. With white furniture it makes the room feel so spacious, light, and airy. We went with a subtle color scheme of the lightest pinks and neutrals. Which now blush is a neutral, wouldn't you agree?😉

Dresser Changing Table // IKEA Cart // Lamp

A few things I hope to remember about this room is how much Benny liked to be rocked to sleep, all of the bedtime stories we read in her glider, her bright smile whenever my head popped over the railing of her crib.

My pjs (similar) here here here

Bentley is just such a happy baby. I mean, of course she has her days, but she's just the most precious thing. I hope y'all enjoyed these pictures and small moments from our life!

The Williams' Girls

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