How to Love the Season You're In

Hi Friends,

Fortunately and unfortunately we live in a Instagram, Pinterest, social media world. Which makes the comparison game very real. We see peoples highlight reels and compare it to our behind the scenes. I follow some home accounts that I absolutely love. I drool over how these ladies have decorated their house, or just their house in general! Then I think about my two bedroom apartment, on the third floor (which I struggle to make the climb every day), with little home decor inside.

I like to call my current season of life the in between. You're in between living at your parents house and your dream home. You're in between your very first job and your dream job. You're in between an hourly pay and a goal salary. The in between consists of "roughing it", choosing, and saving. Obviously I'm not roughing it truly, because I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I don't go without the necessary and can afford everything I NEED. But, when it comes to the wants I have to choose very wisely what I want to spend my money on. The list is very long and the able to buy is very small. And its the season of saving because I want to be prepared for the unexpected as well as save up for the dream house.

Here are a few ways to love the season you're in. Love the house you're in. Love the bedroom you're in. Love the car you're driving. Love the life you're living.

1. If you don't do this then it'll never work. It's THAT important. You have to stop comparing your life to the life of others. Be thankful for the life God gave you! I like to name three things about my life that I wouldn't be able to have if I lived the life of someone else. For example, I am Bentley's mom, I am Caleb's wife, and I am able to stay home with Bentley! The person I compare my situation to on Instagram who lives in a house that I dream of and has "the best of everything," doesn't have those three things! So if I were her and lived in her current situation I wouldn't have those three things. So, I am thankful that God chose this life for me.

Instead of comparing, try celebrating the life that others get to live. Take jealousy and turn it into excitement. "Wow, I love that bracelet she is wearing. Maybe I can save up to have one similar." "Man, their house is so nice. I bet they were once adamant about saving so that they could buy their dream home!" "She has my dream job, I'm going to work as hard as she did so one day I might have the opportunity to work there."

2. Love the home you live in and the car you're driving. Nothing makes me love our home space more than a deep cleaning. And honestly, every day that I vacuum I feel like our home is a billion times prettier. I also like to burn candles, open the windows, and buy fresh flowers. Those three free-very inexpensive things make such a difference in how I feel about my home. I told Caleb anytime we aren't content we just need to name a few things we love about our apartment instead of pointing out the things we don't like. I love the natural light in our living room and Bentley's room. It's the best! I love the long mirror in our bathroom. It is spacious enough for the both of us. I love how close we are in our tiny home. Even though our dream home would be bigger than our current situation, I love that during this season we are so close together with few walls being able to separate us. Pretty much the same things go for your car. Treat your car like your dream car and you'll be so much happier. A car wash, a vacuum session, and a new air freshener can bring a new joy to your old car. Don't forget to name a few things you love as well! I love that I have a sunroof. I love that my backseat is spacious and Bentley's carseat fits perfect. I love that I get good gas mileage. 

I am partially laughing as I write this so I am sure you are too, but I promise they make a difference! Haha.

3. DREAM. Just because you don't have it right now doesn't mean you never will. Comparing and dreaming are very different. Don't be afraid to pin your favorite home decor on Pinterest. I love Southern living magazines and the Magnolia magazines. I like to cut out the pages I love and put them into a "dream home" folder. It's like real life pinterest. Look up your dream car and design you're own on their website, me and my friend used to do this all of the time ha. See what aspects of an employee your dream job looks for. If you dream then you have a goal of something you want to achieve. If you have a goal then you can set a plan. If you have a plan then you can live intentionally so that you one day you can go from where you started to where you dreamed of being!

So I could number so many more categories. But, I think you get the point. Switch out "car" for "job" and list a few things you love about your current job. Switch out "job" for whatever it is in your life that you wish was different!

Okay, inspirational Kaylyn is done for the day. If you stuck around to reading this entire post then I truly hope you can apply it to your life and see (and feel!) a difference as I do!

Love from the Sunshine State,

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