The Inspiration Behind Quoting Kaylyn : why I started blogging and you should too!

I was reading a post about how someone started their blog and the one suggestion they emphasized on to others who are thinking about starting one was "a year from now you'll wish you started today." And that quote spoke so much to me.

So, before I begin writing this I need to say: If you want to start blogging then DO IT. That's it. No other factors play into it. If you want to blog and are willing to make the time and put in the effort, then do it, nothing else matters. 

I dabbled in posting my outfits on my @quotingkaylyn instagram a long time before I actually decided to fully start blogging. And I regret that after my very first post I didn't stick with it consistently. Thank the Lord for the people He put into my life that have constantly built me up and encouraged me to do it, because without those people I really don't think I would be here doing this little blog and instagram that brings me SO much joy.


My first outfit post was in 2015, y'all. And then I didn't start to actually make it a thing and fully pursue blogging until October 2017. Thats two years that I let the fear outweigh my desire to do this. Not okay. Honestly, I read a lot of blog post from very successful bloggers going into detail about why they started, how they started, and everything that goes into it. After reading most of them I felt very discouraged and thought there was no way I could do it. I just thought I really wasn't cut out for it after these posts talked about what you "needed" to have to "make it." I thought the fact that I am always bargain shopping with my budget that I couldn't do it. I thought since there were already so many others that I wouldn't be special or offer anything that isn't already out there. Plus, I thought a lot about what would others think (dumb, I know.)

So after all of these thoughts I basically decided nope, no way, I'm not going to do it. Then I became a mom and together Caleb and I decided I would stay home with Bentley. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond fortunate to be able to stay home with her and truly love spending this time with her. But, I come from a family that instilled in me a hard work ethic, so I just wasn't being fulfilled by being a stay at home mom. My dad has always worked so hard to give my sisters and me the best of everything and my mom is the greatest teacher and makes a difference in the lives of so many. My original plan was to become a special education teacher because that's where I thought I could make such an impact and difference in the lives of so many deserving people. I remember talking to Caleb about how I just wasn't being fulfilled and felt sort of empty in what I was contributing to our family. He, of course, constantly would tell me what a big role being a stay at home mom was and how it was the best thing for our family right now. I knew I wasn't going to stop being a stay at home mom, so I started praying hard about how I felt about it and prayed that God would help me see opportunities that could supplement my career choice. 

Then blogging came back into the picture. Like, hello Kaylyn, duh. I then started getting positive thoughts. Such as: I'm not the only one who is on a budget and loves a good deal! I am different than others because I am Kaylyn Malone Williams and there is only one of me! I don't care what comes from this, whether I have 500 or 5,000 followers or whether I make a lot or none at all, I like doing it so I'm going to do it. Even if I am helping only one person achieve a style they wanted or pointing them to a good sale item then I am satisfied and feel as if I've made a difference, even if it affects only one person. Also: like what if the creator of Chickfila was like "no its not a good idea, theres already other fast food places that serve chicken" then we wouldn't have Chickfila so thank you baby Jesus for the bravery that person had!

I obviously still get those negative thoughts about all the reasons why I shouldn't be doing this and all of the ways that I'm going to fail. Then I have someone buy through my links or a sweet person messages me on instagram saying how much they like my blog. That's truly what keeps me going! It just gives me butterflies when someone takes the time out of their day to reach out to me and give some positive words. 


Do it. If reading my ranky dank story doesn't give you some insight on why you should just follow your dream and do what makes you happy then this post has been very unsuccessful😂 A year from now you'll truly wish you started today. That doesn't even apply to just blogging, it applies to whatever dream you have! Start doing it. You don't have to have a plan. You surely don't have to know for sure that you'll be successful. You don't have to get approval from anyone else. 

I'm clearly not a professional at this, but if you do have any questions I would love to share any of the knowledge I have with you. It can be anything I promise. Best way to reach me is via instagram direct message or email ( 

As always, thank you for the support you have given me even just by stopping by to my little place on the internet! 

You know I'll talk to y'all soon😉

Lots of love,

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