Anchored in Jesus

Sweet people,

I used to think I had to act a certain way to be a follower of Jesus. Like I needed to hide my sins and pretend I was perfect. I wondered what people would think of me if I claim to know and love Jesus, yet still fall into sin. It took me a while to realize that I can publicly claim being a true christian, showing the world my love for God and constantly pursuing a relationship with Him, while not trying to hide the fact that I am a sinner. But, because of Jesus Christ, I am able to be seen by God as so much more than that. He loves me at my lowest of lows and at my highest of highs. No matter what season of life I am going through, He will always be pursuing me. And for that reason I get to wake up every morning with the chance of starting fresh no matter what mistakes I made the day before. My sins do not define me. My faith does.

I feel a little bit vulnerable writing about this, because in no way am I the best person to go to for all the Godly, Biblical things. But, as an average, sinning, broken christian I write these recommendations to you in hopes that maybe we have a little bit in common! So, if you're not perfect and have some room to grow, then keep on reading.

A few things that keep me anchored in my relationship with Jesus:

1. Auburn Community Church Podcasts: I've said this before a billion times, but when my friend Jami introduced me to this church my "christian life" dramatically changed. There is a podcast for every area of your life. I do feel like it might cater to the younger generation more, but that might be because I feel like every word their Pastor, Miles Fidell, says relates so perfectly to my life haha. I hope you feel the same way when listening too! I'm addicted and listen to every new podcast they upload.

-A great time to listen to these podcasts is when you have too much going on to sit down and do a Bible study. For example, I always have dishes or laundry to do, and a house that needs to be cleaned, and a baby that needs to be tended to. So while I'm doing all of those busy tasks I play their podcast and soak in all of the goodness. Sometimes I go back and listen to it again if I want to jot down some notes from a sermon.

2. She Reads Truth Bible: Caleb gave me this Bible for Christmas. Being real, I only wanted this beautiful grey linen Bible with gold embossed details because I wanted a new "cute" Bible (my old one had my maiden name on it and I just "had" to have a new one *dramatic*.) To my surprise this Bible goes wayyy beyond the beautiful cover. Inside it has different reading plans, devotionals throughout every chapter, deeper explanations of God's word, a background on when it was written, who it was written by, and it's original purpose for being written. Not to mention, beautiful illustrations. Although none of those things are necessary for reading the Bible, it makes it less intimidating and easier to read. So now when I am done with a Bible study I walk away with an actual understanding of what I just read. And that makes a big difference in how I apply God's word to my life.

3. The First 5 app: I just started this app and wanted to wait to go through a few of the plans before I gave my opinion. I am going through the Covenant plan, which goes through Ruth, Esther and Songs of Songs. I am blown away by the deeper meanings and life appliance that I have to tell y'all about it right now. I love it. I think you will too. It's also a really good way to go through chapters of the bible without getting bored haha.
- I do also have the She Reads Truth app, but you have to pay for some of their plans so I don't spend as much time on that one. Of course I have the just the plain ol' regular Bible app, which is a good reference to use when studying a devotional and you don't have your Bible with you.

Y'all are probably thinking "dang this girl needs to get books." Ha, yes! I know. Caleb and I do have a  husband and wife devotional set and we also have the Live Second. Both good but I am guilty of being a #millennial when it comes to the convince of technology.

Do you have any suggestions or tips for me on this subject? I would LOVE to receive some!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Oh, and you can quote me on this😉 (hehe)
xo Kaylyn

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