Date Night + Gingham Dress

Hey y'all!

As you saw on Instagram stories, Caleb and I had a date night last night *whoop whoop.* We did all the works. Favorite place for dinner, even ordered dessert, and hit up target before going back home. That is honestly the best description of a perfect date for me. 

I don't branch out much and always stick to what I know. So, a "don't fix what a'int broken" kind of girl you could say. From our very first date ever to all of the dates we go on now, Caleb and I always go to Jonah's in Thomasville. If you're local then definitely check it out! If you're feeling like driving a tad bit more after dinner then go to The Bread Wagon. You will not regret it. Make sure to look up their hours, though!

Okay now onto what you actually came here for..the outfit! Unfortunately I was unable to link it with my Instagram picture but you can shop the same exact dress here. I also rounded up some other gingham and one shoulder dresses that I will link for you below! I'm loving these blue shoes, y'all. I can't hide my obsession. 

If you played along in "Guess Who" last night, thank you!! It really was so much fun. Caleb and I enjoyed that a little too much haha. If you missed it then tune in next Wednesday, we're going to do another round for funsies ;)


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