White Wrap Dress

I think I mentioned before that Bentley is being dedicated to the church in May and that I wanted to find a cute white dress for it. Well, here it is! I bought this one with intent to wear it to her dedication. For some reason I always like to wear white to special events haha. I'm a pretty neutral person so if there is an option to get something in white or tan then that's usual what I go with.

OH, and y'all..this dress is $27!

Speaking of church, do any of y'all have your kids in Sunday school (is it even called Sunday school anymore? It's just called Kids at our church haha) at your church? Or volunteer yourselves? Before I had Bentley I worked in the Kids department at our church and loved it. I got to meet some of the sweetest ladies and the babies were absolutely precious! I worked in the one year olds room. As much fun as it was I also know that it can be quite the task too, so I wanted to do a little something for the ladies who give their time to be in the nursery so that Caleb and I can go to church together. I'm thinking about just bringing them donuts next Sunday. But, if you have any other cute ideas leave me a comment! I would love to hear them.

Thank y'all!

quoting, Kaylyn

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