Graduation + Occasion Dresses

Hi Friends!

A sweet gal reached out to me and suggested that I create a "Graduation Dress" blog post. My immediate thought was "duh, Kaylyn!" I've rounded up some of the cutest (mainly white) dresses that I think would be perfect for graduation. I will say, there were A LOT of cute midi dresses out there, but I steered clear due to not knowing if they would be longer than the gown or not. But, if y'all are interested in seeing some midi dress just let me know.

For those of you who aren't looking for a graduation dress, then think about the weddings or special occasions you have coming up this Spring and Summer. I've already got a few of these picked out for a few weddings I am lucky enough to be attending this Summer. Speaking of weddings, BRIDES - think about what parties you'll be needing a little white dress for.

Hope you find something special!

The White Ones:

The Others:

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