Stripe Top + White Shorts

Hey guys!

I just realized I’m really bad at titling blog post. But hey, a least the title tells ya exactly what you’re getting ha!

True inspiration behind this outfit: Bentley was wearing pink and I wanted to wear pink and white. Y’ALL, I bought this top last March to wear for Benny’s gender reveal! I’ll leave a picture of it at the bottom so y’all can see.

I think these shorts are just way too comfortable to not own a few pairs. They come in several different colors and are always releasing more. Now that I think about it, I actually bought these during my pregnancy too! They have an elastic waist band so they can stretch with your growing belly. I used to wear them for pregnancy and now I wear them for taco Tuesday’s. Win win.

These gold hoop earrings are seriously such a staple and classic. They’re great quality, I’ve had mine for a few years and honestly I haven’t treated them the best - but they’ve held up so good!

If you invest in any summer staple this year, let it be these Tory Burch sandals. I wear mine every singe day. They’re comfortable, cute, and very versatile. I wear them with cute outfits, with althelitc outfits, with my pajamas..haha the possibilities are endless! And they’re truly and investment because they will last you foreverrr and you can easily re-sell them.

I’m now off to stop Bentley from pulling every single one of her bows out of their keeping box. The next baby will not be bought any toys. Bentley has hundreds yet hangers, napkins, shoes, etc., are her toys of choose.

Lots of love,

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