The Monday-est Monday + Blue Seersucker Shorts

Whew y'all,

It has been a tough Monday. Most Monday's for us are a little bit on the rough side due to Bentley getting off of her schedule during the weekend, but today's was extra rough with a side of stressful. It was a mix of Benny being off of her schedule, teething, and refusing to fall asleep on her own. Ever since this little thing has learned to pull herself up in her crib she just wants to do that then she gets too distracted to fall asleep. And my heart can only take so much crying before I go in and rescue her..which of course as soon as I pick her up her crying immediately stops.

On the bight side, this rough day did lead me to a trip to the Target. I realllyyy didn't want to go. And if you know me, then you know that's crazy! But, due to Benny teething I was going to give her some medicine to help with the pain. Well when I went to get the tylenol that I purchased last week, I saw that it was meant for 2-3 yr olds. I was annoyed because it also says "Infant tylenol" at the top and to me an infant is under 1! 2-3 yr olds are TODDLERS. I'm still bitter about, it if you can't tell.

So right in the middle of what is supposed to be nap time, I had to load my fussy overtired baby into the car to go to Target. I thought the medicine would give her relief and help her fall asleep. Well, during our 2 minute car ride to Target Bentley passed out. I was not going to chance it and go back home and take her out of her car seat, because she very well could've woken up and I still would've been without medicine. The only logical solution was to leave her in her car seat, put it into the buggy and go into Target. duh.

The delayed nap also left me without lunch due to tending to Bentley. So, I treated myself to a coke and a cinnamon pretzel and walked up and down every single isle in Target, just to let Bentley sleep. How dangerous. Do you know all that one can find when walking down every isle at TARGET?! Lots. When I went down the paint isle I remembered I wanted to paint our coffee table. And when I get something in my head that I want to do, I have to do it right then.

I bought the paint and some sandpaper. Bentley was still asleep when we left Target, so with the coffee table still on my mind I went to Hobby Lobby to get new handles for it. Basically this was just a long story about how my not so good Monday led me to doing something that is so much fun for me! I stayed outside painting the table until it was dark. And I already plan to use my free time (Benny's nap time) tomorrow to finish painting it! Can't wait to show y'all the finished product

Hope the rest of the week will be better for all of us!
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