Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Lashes

Helloooo to my fellow beauty lovers!

My most frequently asked question on Instagram is always about my lashes. From my real mascara lashes to my fake magnetic lashes: you can find all of those questions answered here!

Magnetic Lashes FAQs:

Where do you get them?

I got mine from Ulta, but you can also get them from Target or Amazon! I would suggest buying them from Ulta for two reasons. One, if you are signed up for their rewards system you'll earn points. Two, if you don't like them you can take them back with the receipt. Keep the packaging!

Are they worth it?

YES. They are $13 and worth every penny. I've had mine for about a month (disclaimer: I don't wear them every day) and they have held up perfectly. I never used fake eyelashes before because the glue freaked me out. Once you use these a few times, putting them on becomes so easy. And taking them off is even easier, literally takes .5 second. You get to wear them so many times that the cost is justified.

How many times can you wear them?

I've worn mine probably 10 times so far. And they still have so much wear left in them, they look brand new! I know a girl who has had hers for over a month and has worn them every single day. I'll report back when I have to purchase new ones.

Do they stay in place all day?

Yes! I put mine on around 9:45 am and took them off at 7:30 pm. They stayed put that entire time! But, the good thing about them being magnetic is that you can easily take them off and put them on again if you did want to!

Do you still wear mascara?

I do, and I suggest that you do too. I think it helps to make the magnetic eyelashes stay in place. For my top lashes I put very little mascara on. For my bottom lashes I do as much as I normally do, and I use both my primer and mascara, unlike my top ones.

Tip: I would suggest letting your mascara dry before you put them on and DO NOT put mascara on after your magnetic lashes are in. If you do, then mascara will start to clump up on them and you won't get as many uses out of them. I also think they blend well as they are!

Real Lashes FAQs:

What mascara do you use?

I use the L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara and Primer. You have to get the primer. It makes a HUGE difference! You can find these at any drugstore, Target, Walmart, or {my fav} Ulta.

Do you get lash extensions? Use a lash serum?

No to both. I think some people look great with lash extensions! I just can't justify paying that much right now. I'm also the type pf girl who doesn't get her nails done regularly because I don't like paying for it, haha. Plus, my husband would kill me. And I don't feel like I would maintain them like you're supposed to. I barely schedule my hair appointments when I'm supposed to, no way I can keep up with lashes! I've heard great things about the Rodan + Fields lash serum, but I've never used it. Once again, I don't have room in the budget to justify the price.

I hope I covered all the questions you have, if not shoot me a quick dm on Instagram or email me! I love hearing from y'all.

xo Kaylyn

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