Personalized Baby Outfits with Jennifer Ann!

Hey Guys!

I was like a little kid on Christmas morning when I got in these precious pieces. I've always been a super sentimental person, and becoming a mom has only made my heart grow in that more. So you already know I am going to be saving so many of Bentley's outfits for those days in the future when I need to reminisce on the baby she was.

Y'all also already know my southern heart beats for anything monogrammed or personalized. Sweet outfits with Benny's name on them quickly topped my list. Thats when I came across this precious dress and cute onesie from Jennifer Ann. What I love about the Jennifer Ann company is that they do it all themselves. Form the printed fabric to the assembling of clothes, it's all made through their company here in the USA. How awesome is that!?

Their items are also 100% organic cotton and their ink is water based, which means so harsh chemicals! Important factors that don't slip a mothers mind when clothing her baby. They have far more than onesies and dresses, if you can think of any personalized item a baby might need, they have it!

They also just launched their Mystery Dresses - click here to find out more about that. I'll just leave you with it sounds SO fun! You'll also have to check into their royals program that offers exclusive deals and a special business opportunity.

Let me know if y'all have any questions!

xo Kaylyn

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