3 Nights in Charleston, SC

Hi, sweet friends!

I am so eager to write this blog post and to share all of the details about our trip with you. I think it's so beneficial to know someone who's traveled to a place that your planning a trip to. I am SO thankful for all of y'alls suggestions that you gave me before we left on our trip! I'm going to split this post up in a few different categories so feel free to jump around to what you're wanting.

What I Wore:
Okay, this is also a fashion blog so of course I had to start with outfits! ;)
Going in June, I knew I would want to be wearing loose, breathable clothing to endure the warm weather. My suggestion: No matter what season you're going in wear something that you will be comfortable doing a good bit of walking in. Also, when it rains - it floods. Pack a pair of shoes that you are not afraid to get wet! 

Where We Stayed:
We stayed at the Suites On Cannon and LOVED it. I can not recommend this location enough. We were able to walk to all of our restaurants (except one) and the majority of the shops! To put it in reference for you, when you plan to visit Charleston the one street I'm sure you're aware of is King St. Cannon runs into king and it was about a 3-4 minute walk for us to get from our house to King St. Our house was closer to the restaurant end of King St, but we walked down to the shopping part as well. 

Right around us was a lot of cute little bakery's that we popped in for breakfast and took our coffee and croissants to go on our walk down King. It did rain so we also drove closer to our destination downtown and parked in a parking garage. There are tons of public parking options downtown and the most we paid to park was $3 per time. But, it will add up quickly if you stay further away than walking distance. 

One suggestion I received was to stay below Septima Clark Parkway in downtown, and after going to Charleston I totally agree with her and am glad I followed her advice! (thank you, Mary!)

What We Did:
There is so much to do in Charleston so I think it is important to plan out what activities you want to do before you go, or else time can slip away from you and you might not get the chance to do them! 

We went on a carriage tour. Highly recommend. We went on a group carriage tour with Carolina Polo & Carriage Company, although there are quite a few of different companies to go through. Definitely download the Groupon app and search "Charleston carriage tours" to see what deals you can get. We paid $36 for what originally would've cost us $52. 

We went to Boone Hall Plantation in Mt Pleasant, SC, which was just a 15-20 minute drive from where we stayed. Boone Hall was beautiful and full of so much history (I love history!) Entry into Boone Hall is $24 per adult and I think the price would've totally been justified if we were able to do everything they offered. But, unfortunately since it rained the day before they weren't doing the coach tours that take you around the entire property and you're only able to tour the first floor of the house which bummed caleb and me haha. Just a side note: this plantation was in The Notebook (Allie's summer house) and Blake Lively got married there! While in Mt Pleasant Caleb popped into a local brewery called Ghost Monkey, which he said was pretty cool ha.

Honestly, other than those two things we just walked around and ventured on our own. We went through the open air market, up and down king street, down different little side streets..there is something cool and interesting around every corner! We drove by rainbow row, because did you really go to Charleston if you didn't go to rainbow row? 

PS my favorite store we went into was Cannonborough Collective! It was a one minute walk from our house. They carry only locally made products. I grabbed a cute Charleston art print and some stationary. 

Where We Ate:
It was kind of our goal to eat our way through Charleston haha. As our carriage tour guide said, "If you don't gain 10 pounds while visiting Charleston, then you aren't eating at the right places," I legit think I gained 4 pounds! ;) Almost everywhere we ate was suggested to us by someone else and I'm so glad they were sent my way. 

The Darling Oyster Bar - Even their kale slaw was amazing..so I'm sure that says something! I'd suggest making reservations the day of. 

Poogan's Porch - Sooo yummy and sooo cute. Caleb said his pulled pork benedict was the most amazing meal he's ever had, so theres that. Their biscuits with whipped honey butter was also magic in my mouth. Right next door is Husk, and we heard great things about that restaurant too!

Smoke BBQ - No one actually suggested this place, but I was craving bbq so I looked up their menu and we just had to go. The brisket literally fell apart in my mouth. Highly suggest.

El Jefe - We popped in here for a drink and chips with salsa and queso, which was amazing. Their chips were so good. All true Mexican lovers know that the chip matters. However, their menu was a "tester" menu since they just opened so we opted out of getting dinner there. I'm confident to say that their dinner is probably delicious if its anything like their chips, salsa, and queso. 

Brown's Court Bakery - I consider myself a chocolate croissant connoisseur and let me tell ya, they have a great one! Good iced coffee too :)

Jeni's Ice Cream - Jeni's did not disappoint in the ice cream department. Always yummy!

Unfortunately,  I got sick, so for the last few meals we didn't get to try any of the other restaurants on our list. My friend suggested Hominy Grill and we really wanted to go there. They had a line every morning!

Why We Went:
June 13th will be Caleb's and my first anniversary, which is traditionally the "paper" gift anniversary, but we decided to make it a "trip" gift anniversary ;) We debated for a while if we should spend the money on this trip when we are so geared towards saving right now (as I'm sure most newlyweds are), and we decided we deserved to treat ourselves! We made it through a crazy, amazing, tough, challenging, rewarding year - we deserved to celebrate! Haha so I hope this encourages you to treat yo self!

I think I included all of the important details of our trip but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out! You can email me, direct message me on instagram, or leave a comment on this post.

Love from Tally,

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