Bentley's 9 Month Update


As Bentley gets older I feel like I always say "this stage is so much fun, it's my favorite!" And of course, thats how how I feel about these past few months. She's grown so much! She advanced from army crawling to regular crawling, and then went right into pulling up and now standing up. She conquers the transitions so quickly, I know she'll be walking so soon! 

She's still the best baby - in my unbiased opinion, of course ;) We usually do try to stick to her napping schedule, but on the days that we need to go with the flow she's up for the change. It makes it so easy on the days we have play dates, doctor's appointments, church, or errands to run. 

She's still sleeping from 7:30 - 7:30, PTL, because I don't know how I would survive the day if she wasn't. She naps from 9 - 10/10:30 in the morning, every single day. Then she usually naps again from 2 - 3:30 in the afternoon, or I put her down whenever she's showing signs of being tired. 

Our biggest struggle these past few months has been eating. She was not one bit interested in eating table foods. Bentley would spit it out as soon as it got in her mouth or make herself gag. Whew, it was a rough start. This past week we hit the point where she didn't want baby food or table foods and refused to eat at all. She would spit it out, scream, shake her head, and swing her arms. I went to the grocery store and bought so many different things for her to try - desperate for her to eat SOMETHING. Luckily, my friend Maddy has a baby girl, Marley, just a few months older than Bentley and I get to learn from what she's doing! Marley loves the uncrustable pb&j's, so I bought those for Bentley to try..and she LOVED them! It was the first thing she'd eaten in days and she ate them for 6 meals straight haha. 

So now on the list we have: yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, puffs, cake pops, ice cream and chocolate cake..the last two we owe to my mom giving to Bentley. Did you notice a pattern? She only likes sweets. She truly is my child. Oh! She has 6 cute little teeth to chomp on those yummy treats. I never thought I would think teeth are cute, but then Bentley got them.

She says mama, dada, and her newest word is papa, which makes my dad so happy. She is very uneasy about most strangers and will react if they get too close or talk to her for too long haha. We had a very awkward encounter with a little girl and her grandma who just wanted to "see the baby gam-ma" (she was so cute), but Bentley was not liking them and she let them, and the rest of the store, know. She clings tight to me when others want to hold her. And she's started crying when we drop her off at the church nursery (she's fine literally 5 minutes later.) I'm going to need this phase to end quickly because my heart can only take so much!

One thing I am so happy we started doing is weekly play dates with Maddy and Marley and I think it will be so beneficial for Bentley since she's rarely around other babies. Oh, it has nothing to do with the fact that Maddy and I are setting them up to be BFFs ;) I've also been taking Bentley to music class on Friday's which is so much fun and she gets a kick out of it haha. 

I'll link Maddy's blog post here on Marley starting solids in case you need help like we did! Her blog is

Talk to ya soon!

xo Kaylyn

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