Introduction Vlog!

Top // Jeans // Pink Bandana 

So here it is. Published and out for the world to see with all of its videoing and editing failures. It was hard to hit the publish button, but it was even more frustrating to think about re-filming it all just to make sure it was perfect. Y'all can tell how long I waited to publish it just simply by seeing how long my hair was haha. 

There are probably 17 legit problems I have with this video. However, I decided to just roll with it because if I waited for it to be perfect, for me to be good at editing, for my hair to lay the perfect way, or for my voice to sound less country (ha) - then we would be waiting forever. And, plus, I decided thats the point of my YouTube channel. I want it to be the real, genuine us. I want Bentley in her play clothes with food all over her face. I want my hair in a bun and no makeup on. I want Caleb acting crazy, as usual haha. Because at the end of that day those people are my favorite versions of us! Of course I love getting dolled up and putting up a picture perfect Instagram, but if I am being honest, that's only how our life is 10% of the time. 

So, here's to poorly taken/edited vlogs and real life memories that I'll remember forever! I hope you follow along on this journey with us and maybe get a behind the scene glimpse of this life we live. I think it is going to be so much fun (& challenging, considering I'm technologically challenged lol.) 

Love from the Williams Family

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