Girls Weekend in New Orleans

Hi sweet friends!

This outfit was the most comfortable outfit for traveling and walking around all day. These pants were the best decision I made. It was quite hot being in Nola during July, but these pants were seriously the map of all of my wardrobe choices throughout the weekend. I love love these bracelets and I'm pretty sure I've worn them every day since I got them. They seriously go with everything.

No girls trip is complete without our mommas!

Okay on to the fun stuff. I'm not going to list this out as a travel guide because we did some random things and I'm also sure there are a billion step by step guides for a weekend in Nola. SO just a few tips: Make reservations where you can when you eat. Go to the Cat's Meow on Bourbon street. It was the most fun! Other than that Bourbon street is a lil too cray for me so I would suggest venturing off to bars on the street over. Go for a ride on the trolley through the Garden district. For $3 you get a 24 hour pass and it's a great way to spend some time, cool down, and view some of the most beautiful homes. Go to the boutiques on Magazine street. They had the cutest baby store where I got a few goodies for Bentley. We went through Airbnb and stayed in the cutest old home. Okay, thats all I have to say! It was a lot of fun and I am so glad I experienced it. But, I feel like Nola is a place you truly only need to experience once so make sure you do your research and do it right the first time!

ta-ta ladies!

xoxo Kaylyn

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