Barbie T-Shirt

Hellooooo Wednesday! This time of year wednesday means Big Brother! How most girls hype up The Bachelor/Bachelorette is how I hype up Big Brother haha. It's just too good. 

Anyways, on to more important things. First, lets talk about this top! When I went searching for this top I was initially inspired by the 90's trend that is going on right now, which I am a big fan of, if you couldn't tell from my instagram lately. Give me all the high-waisted crop jeans and throwback graphic tees!

 I first came across the Mumu X Barbie Collection and had some serious flashbacks of a room filled with all of my sisters and my barbies (when you have three sisters, you have lots of barbies!) I am such a sentimental person that I decided I 'needed' something from this collection - and then of course, the top that I really wanted sold out. Later that week I saw an ad on instagram sponsored by Barbie that had several little girls talking about what they wanted to be when they grow up. Everything from astronaut to teacher was mentioned. At the end of the video it said something about empowering our little girls to be confident that they can be whatever they wanna be. Erm, helloooo it's like they knew I loved Barbies as a little girl, now have a little girl, and wanted a Barbie shirt. So I immediately went and bought one. Well done, Instagram Ad, well done. 

If you too need to live out your 90s self, then by all means shop using the pictures below to fulfill your dreams!

Love from Florida,

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