22 Things About Me

This post was influenced partly because I just turned 22 and partly because I just realized the about me column on my blog is in a different language and I never edited it when I got a new blog template lol. I'll add that to the list of things to do. 

1. I'm 22 - but you knew that, duh. It's weird. I don't feel 22. But I'm also on this kick of not falling into what society says you have to be like/be doing at 22. So here is to being 22 and being married with a baby!

2. I'm blessed with the best! My husband, Caleb, and our daughter, Bentley. Literally my entire heart. But, of course y'all see me obsess about them on instagram, so y'all know!

3. My middle name is Malone..yes, as in Post Malone lol. It's actually a really small town that my parents named me after, not after the famous artist. Because he was one when I was born ha! My parents gave my sisters and me all boy middle names. Probably to make up for not having any boys lol. I used to dislike it and wouldn't tell anyone my middle name. Now I'm super sentimental and might want to pass it down to one of my children. 

4. I have 3 sisters! Jenna Ryan (24), Kendall Blaine (23), and Chesney Cade (18). We're all close in age and superrrr close. 

5. My entire family is SUPER close. We've always been that way. Family has always been the most important thing to me. To put into perspective, even though my older sisters are moved out they come spend the night at my parents almost every weekend haha. And the first night Caleb and I spent in our apartment I cried because I missed living with my family and was sad that I wouldn't live with them again...our apartment was literally three minutes down the road from my parents lol. And now we are actually living with my parents while we search for a house! Although to be honest, I'm not searching all that hard haha. Just soaking this time up while I can. I think the longest I've ever been away from my parents was 7 days, and even then I was with my Meme, so still family. It would be interesting to see how I would do if we ever moved away ;)

6. I've had the same best friend since 3rd grade. Probably a weird one to include haha. But, we've literally been inseparable. People called us "left brain" and "right brain", because they said we couldn't "function" without each other haha. Probably true. We were voted attached at the hip for senior superlatives in high school, rightfully so! She's been my side through literally everything. Thankful for her. 

7. I'm a Christian, continuously growing in my faith. I'm a part of a small bible study group and it brings me so much joy. Absolutely adore our group leader and all of the girls in it. I also absolutely love my church! 

8. My relationship is the product of social media haha. Caleb saw me at the boutique I worked at then asked a mutual friend of ours for my snapchat. And the rest is history ;)

9. Caleb and I have the same nickname: KK. My parents have called me KK since I was born. I'm pretty sure every single softball team I was on was convinced my real name was KK and they never knew my actual real name haha. It was weird when we first started dating and his family would say KK, I would have to stop and think about who they were talking to. I still think KK is a girls name..but shh, don't tell him that - he disagrees.

10. I played softball from 4th grade all the way through my senior year of high school. At one point I was on four different teams. I lived for softball and it was my favorite thing. Then high school hit and I got burned out on it. A few *not so good* coaches may have played a roll in that. I convinced myself I had no interest in playing in college, but when the season hit I missed it wayyyy more than I thought I would. Secretly hoping Bentley will play softball and that I can coach. 

11. I was SUCH a tomboy growing up. I even wore boys "baller" shorts to school. Lord helpppp. I wore my hair in a bun every single day, and not the cute "messy" bun one would hope it would be. And in middle school I would play baseball with the boys before school started. Yes, I was the only girl and did not care if my clothes or hair got messed up. Finally in 8th grade I became a little more girly. I now love pink and all things girly!

12. I get homesick really bad. A 3 day trip is the perfect time length for me. 

13. We go to the beach a lot, thanks to my in-laws having a beach house! But, we rarely go on the beach. We are pool people haha. The pool overlooks the beach and thats close enough for me. A few reasons why: 1. Babies and sand don't mix well 2. I am terrified of sharks - and yes, I know the *chances* of being attacked by a shark are very "small" - don't care 3. I like to be able to see my feet at all times haha

14. I'm a stay at home mom! I could write an entire book on my conflicting feelings about staying home. I'll just leave you with I LOVE it. And I'm very thankful for my hard working husband who wanted me staying home to be a priority. I wouldn't trade these days with Bentley for anything. 

15. I could survive off of tacos and chickfila, solely. No explanation needed.

16. I'm addicted to Coke. Either in a can, a glass bottle, or from a fountain in a styrofoam cup. Except not from the coca-cola freestyle machine - gross. Absolutely no to a plastic bottle. Totally different taste. Also no to coke in restaurant style cups, not good. And do not dare hand me a diet coke. I do not have time for that negativity. 

17. I need to have dessert every single night. Don't care what it is, it can even be a few strawberries or raspberries. But, I HAVE to have something. My favs would be chocolate croissants, ice cream, and chocolate covered bananas. 

18. I stay up super late and have been that way for literally my entire life. Normal nights I go to bed between 1-2. 

19. I go to Target at least 3 times a week. I mean I should basically be on the payroll. Or have stock in Target or something. 

20. I'm from a super small town, Sycamore, Florida. I love it love it love it. It used to be my dream to move back there. Who knows, maybe someday!

21. I'm left handed. I feel the need to say that only because everyone makes a big deal out of it haha. 

22. I asked Caleb to help me come up with the last one. He said one that is very important to mention is that I'm a messy person...true lol. I don't try to be messy, it just happens so quick. One minute I'm getting ready and the next I've tried on every single clothing item I own and the ones that didn't make the cut that day end up all over our bedroom floor. Something to work on haha. 

Thank y'all so much for following along with my space on the internet! Here's to 22!!

xoxo Kaylyn

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