Bentley Life Update {ft. Pink Blush Dress}

A few nights ago I went back and read the very first couple of blog posts I ever wrote (announcing our pregnancygetting engagedfirst ever "Life Update" post, and so many other posts like that) and ahhh it just made me miss writing those posts! They brought back so many memories and reminded me that post like that were part of the reason I wanted to start this blog - to have somewhere to write down all of these memories to look back on. Oh my gosh, how much has changed since those post. I definitely do not have a baby anymore. I mean, just look! She has already traded her bottles for Starbucks (don't worry, it does not contain coffee!)

Bentley is now 13 months old (she'll be 14 months on the 24th!). She chit chats all day long. She'll even just carry on a conversation with herself in the mirror, ha it is so cute. She is officially walking! Don't get me wrong, she'll still do her little crawl where just her hands and feet are on the ground and not her knees. She is super confident if she gets to hold onto one hand of mine, and can be a little bit slower if she's just flying solo. Anytime she is about to crawl I'll say "show me how you walk" and she'll pop up really quick, start walking, and then clap for herself. Nothing wrong with a little self celebration, right? 

She says quite a few words, mainly family member names. She loves her grandparents. She may be a little biased towards her Hunny and Nonni, though. Right now she is obsessed with farm animals and with books. And especially obsessed with books that have farm animals. She brings me the same three books every day and hits me with them until we read them...35 times each lol. The absolute cutest thing is her knowing sounds that animals make. Right now she knows cow, chicken, and sheep - making the chicken sound is her favorite. She has a little farm animal toys and hands me them for me to make the noise they make, which we also do 35 times a day haha. 

She loves wagon rides and going "side side" (outside.) She has quite the sweet tooth, which I blame my mother for. It all started by my mom giving her something chocolate and the rest is history. All it took was my mom giving her a sip of a chocolate frappe from starbucks and now every time she sees a starbucks cup she makes a scene trying to get some. 

Okay, now that I've painted the picture of my child as an angel I must admit she can be sassy. Her favorite word is "no" and she thinks she is the boss..of everyone, but especially of the dogs lol. Anytime I make a very serious face and tell her no she just laughs. Sooo discipline is going really good for us. Oh, she also loves to tell people to stop. Especially if you're doing something she doesn't like. 

Last thing to include, because everyone in my family thinks its hilarious. One Sunday we were getting ready to go to the grocery store and Benny was sitting in my sister's lap. When it was time to go I went up to her and said "Benny, do you wanna go to the grocery store with mom?", she looked up at me and as serious as could be, shook her head and said "no." Probably way funnier in person lol. But now every single time my sisters see her they ask her "wanna go to the grocery store with mom?" and every single time she shakes her head and says no. 

Bentley's cute little dress is from Pink Blush and it is the softest dress she's owned! 

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