My Skincare Routine

I'm always skeptical of other people's skin recommendations. I need an entire background on someone's skin before I can accept that what they say holds value haha. So, I'm going to give you a quick rundown of my skin history, that way you'll know what I was working with and can see if some of your problems/concerns align with mine. But don't fret, if your skin sounds completely opposite of mine I still have recommendations for you and will make those clear!

This is going to be a long post so pull up a seat, grab a pencil and notepad, and get ready for some skincare goodness!

My skin history: 

Let's take this back to high school - I had super bad acne. Went to the doctor and tried every medicine under the moon. My skin either didn't react, reacted badly, or I would throw up every single pill I took. After years of trying different medicines I was finally a candidate for Accutane, which is a super intense acne medicine. You have to take online quizzes each month to make sure you're educated on the medicine, do blood test once a month, refrain from drinking, and take birth control or plea abstinence. It's the real deal. But it was also the savior of my acne. Took it for four months and my skin completely cleared up. Went three years without having to take any acne medicine/cream and had normal skin! This run of clear skin lasted all the way up until I stopped breastfeeding Bentley (she was 6 months old), and my skin went crazy due to all of the hormonal changes. I tried everything I knew to do, and hopped on a phone call with Lauren (my favorite beauty blogger who specializes in skincare) and it got a little better, but I knew I would need medical grade help. So, for the past four months I've been taking spirolacotane and using tretinoin cream, both prescribed by my dermatologist. My first recommendation to those with intense acne is to go see a dermatologist and stop wasting your money trying out a million different products and getting no change. I understand your frustration there!

Night time routine: What I do every single night! 
*my morning routine is just was face + moisturize*

-Makeup wipe: you have to use one! I use these Target brand ones and they're $2.50 for a pack of 25. If you just go from makeup to washing your face you'll just be washing your makeup around in your face. It may appear that your skin is clean after, but it is not.

-CeraVe facewash: also bought from target. I use this one because I have oily skin. STOP using harsh face washes! I used to think the tingly/burning feeling was so good for my skin. Almost like it was truly fighting my acne, but in reality its actually irritating your acne even more. You also don't need an expensive face wash because the product is on your face for a minute, spend your money on moisturizers and serums that actually sit on your face and sink into your skin overnight.

-Retinoid: Like I said, I use tretinoin cream which was prescribed by my doctor. And you don't have to have super intense acne to get this. I know people who asked for this from their dermatologist just to fight off random unwanted bumps. You can also purchase less intense retinoids without a doctor's prescription. Retinoids are used to increase cellular turnover, which is beneficial for EVERYONE. I'm going to link a blog post written by Jordan Harper, a Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in aesthetics (injectables and skincare) and seriously you HAVE to read it!! Jordan Harper's Retinoid Blog Post.

-Moisturizer: Usually people with acne have oily skin. And that was me. I thought since my skin was oily that I shouldn't moisturize. Did you think the same? Well, it is actually the complete opposite. Everyone needs to moisturize. Everyone. You'll thank me in 20 years ;) I LOVE the It Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream. I started with the travel size to make sure I liked it. They also have the same thing, but for anti aging called secret sauce, which is what my Mom and Meme use and I'm thinking about switching to that because I'm terrified of wrinkles.

Nightly extras:

-Dermaplane: Dermaplaning is the fancy way to say shaving. And yes, I shave my face. I use these razors and shave every Sunday night. No, your hair will not grow back darker or thicker. The reasons to shave your face are plentiful; exfoliation, remove peach fuzz, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and your makeup will go on smoother. They way it was put to me.."don't expect any products to work if you're not regularly exfoliating your face to allow those products to get in!" Makes. Sense. I've been doing this for over a year now!

-Microneedle Derma Roller: I use the Linlily Skincare one, which can be purchased off of amazon. If you have active acne don't use this until it is cleared up, or else it could spread and irritate the acne. But for all of you other gals, go get this! So many benefits to using this and I can definitely tell the difference.

-Drying Lotion: I use this one. It is the best $17 you'll spend because it truly does work. This "lotion" is used to dab onto any bumps you have at night time and the next day they will be gone, or at least significantly reduced. I love this stuff, but honestly haven't used it much since I started using a retinoid because it works so well. But for you girls who just get occasional bumps or hormonal bumps, use this! It's a quick fix product, but not a longterm solution.

-Masks: so this is where you'll definitely have to go by what skin concerns you have. For me, with acne, I used to think I needed intense drying masks to rid my acne. But, once again, those mask were only making it worse because they were irritating my skin even more. I really just wanted to include this so that I can tell you gals with troubled skin to not fall into the drying mask dark hole! I now love hydrating mask! I've just been trying out different ones from sephora and target. The neutrogena hydroboost mask and overnight gel mask are both amazing and less than $3.

-Silver Powder: This product is for all the gals with blackheads. I really don't get blackheads all that often, but I have a few on my nose. STOP using peels that pull the blackheads out of your nose. Overtime they will stretch out your pores, making them larger, and are not a solution to removing blackheads. This silver powder is gentle and perfect for decreasing the look of your pores and removing blackheads.


Be willing to spend money on skincare. I have fallen victim to trying to go the cheaper way and buy skincare from just target alone. If that works for you, PTL, but for most - you'll have to be willing to spend the money. Buy from Ulta or Sephora, because if you don't like an item you can take it back with your receipt for a full refund. Don't feel bad about doing this either. It is your precious skin and your precious money! Follow some skincare bloggers on instagram - they try out all of the products and give honest reviews. My favorite two people, that I already mentioned in this post, are Lauren Erro and Jordan Harper.

I've basically researched it all, so if you have ANY skincare question/concern please feel free to use me as a resource! Message me on instagram or shoot me an email. I am SUPER passionate about this and love helping others find something that can change their life!

Six days ago I woke up for the first time without any bumps on my face! It was honestly such a huge milestone for me and encouraged me to write this entire post, because I want everyone to have that feeling. I probably just jinxed myself and will wake up with five bumps tomorrow hahah. But, thats okay, skincare is a constant chore and I am here for it!! Never thought I would say this, but I am more into skincare than I am into makeup.

I haven't conquered it all though, so stay tuned for things I'll be adding now that I've got a handle on my acne. Next up is under eyes. Brightening, lines and wrinkles, firming...I want it all. Going to explore ulta this week!


  1. I'm obsessed with skincare too- it can be a challenge but the end result is always worth it!! As far as firming up under eyes, try an ice roller! They help to depuff and tighten the skin! they're also great at helping to clear up any acne that pops up!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

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