We're Moving!

I shared the news on my Insta stories around Thanksgiving, so if you're a loyal insta story watcher then you probably know most of the details. But y'all, WE'RE MOVING!

I feel like you need to truly know me (like "been best friends since middle school" know me, ha) to fully grasp how big this is for me. However, since you don't, I'll give you a little background. I am the biggest homebody. It's weird because it's gotten worse as I've gotten older, whereas I feel it's usually you grow out of it. When I say homebody. I probably mean "family-body", is that a thing? It's not a particular home I'm attached to, its particular people. It's my family. If my memory serves me right, the longest I've ever spent away from my parents is 6 nights. And that was when I was with my Meme haha so I'm not sure if that counts. I don't even need to be talking to them I just need to be in a house surrounded by my parents and my sisters. I just like knowing they're there. I like a full house. A full house filled with my people.

In high school I remember all of the kids that talked about going away for college, and I could not figure out why in the world anyone would move away from their family. Or even how kids don't have super close relationships with their parents. Ah, I don't know, family has just always been the biggest thing in this world to me and that's how I grew up.

When Caleb and I got married and spent our first night together in our apartment I cried like a baby, simply because I was sad to not be living with my parents and sisters! [silly me, though, because we now live with them - yay!] I did a lot of growing in that year we spent in our first apartment. But, we lived literally 2 minutes down the road from my parents house and saw them every other day and every single day on the weekends. And sometimes would spend the night with them just for fun hah!

So the fact that I was even open to moving was pretty out there for me. I can't even explain why the idea kept my attention when Caleb mentioned it. But, it never felt wrong. Of course, sometimes I felt sad, but never wrong. I prayed hard about this whole moving idea. Personally, I would've been content staying or content moving so I really only wanted to go if I truly thought this was God's plan for our lives during this season.

I tend to have an anxious mind. One that usually haunts me late at night. During the day I would think of all the great reasons we should move and how it would positively affect our little family! Then night would come and everyone would be asleep and I was left alone with those awful thoughts. Before I would let them run me wild I would start praying. Not that God would take those thoughts away necessarily, but that he would just guide my heart to where we needed to be.

I should mention that this move does have to be permanent. I think the max we "have" to stay is 5 years. And the option to move back home is always there. So of course that makes it a lot easier. I'm excited for a little bit of adventure. I think it'll be fun to move and discover a new town. Although, adventure and fun isn't why we're going. Overall, I think it'll be great for us to be on our own. I think it'll be great for us to do something for us. As a (super) young family, living in the same town as both of our families, it'll be nice to be our own little family for a little while. Find out what we want our family to be.

I'll keep y'all updated on all things "Texas," so stay tuned!

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