Espadrilles Season

Hi Friends,

I try to include a little more than just outfit details in these posts. In general i'm a longwinded talker and always feel the need to fill the quiet. I think it's just in me to add a little extra to every blog post, ha. So I figured I'd answer the most common question I get about life right now, "you're moving to Texas?"/"When are you moving to Texas?". I'm thinking about starting a series every other Wednesday or so where I can write updates on our Texas situation. Why on Wednesdays? Because then I can title it "Wild West Wednesdays" and that was all I needed to spark a little fire in me to start that series😉 Anyways, YES we're moving to Texas, and up until this week I would told you we were moving during the first week of April..However, we're now writing pro/con lists of staying until the end of May. A ton of factors go into our decision making, so tune back on Wednesday to hear all about that!

As promised, I searched the internet high and low to find dupes for the espadrilles that I bought during the Shopbop sale. And I have found a pretty great pair! Click here to see them. Thanks to several of y'all for telling me about them! Subtle differences, but overall they're so so similar. The price tag being $140 cheaper is the biggest plus, obviously.

Outfit details :

-Jeans : size 00 Long (run big)
-Shoes : size 38 (equal to 7.5)
-Bracelets : size small

Below are all of the espadrilles I'm loving right now!

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