Wild West Wednesday : No. 1

I'm actually a little too excited about this new segment on the blog, which I've named "Wild West Wednesday", in honor of us moving to the wild west. Also known as, Texas. If you're new to following or missed the original announcement about us moving to Texas then visit this post that I wrote back in January.

Why are y'all moving?

Essentially, we're moving for Caleb's job. Which I don't think I've mentioned enough of how proud I am of him! He is so outgoing and confident (in the best way). He really threw himself into this position and made it happen. I always get asked what Caleb does and there is no basic answer, and I'm really bad at explaining it. Basically we could be here all day if I went into detail haha. To sum it up, he works for a logistics company and currently is a dispatcher. Our move to Texas will change his position from dispatching to starting a branch of the business out there and transition him into the sales side of things. That's the short, very condensed answer. I just think it's so awesome that he is only 22 and doing this! #proudwife

Where are y'all moving?

Nothing is permanent or set in stone, but initially we'll be moving to New Braunfels, TX. It's a town just north of San Antonio, and about a 45 minute drive south of Austin. For Caleb's job we need to be near San Antonio, but neither of us are big city people and the thought of living there is overwhelming. So after a good bit of research we decided to try New Braunfels first. We could get there and totally hate it, and we're okay with that. Open to change and moving around, for sure!

When are y'all moving?

I feel like the answer to this is always changing, haha! Originally we decided on April, because I thought that's when life would be slowing down for us. My oldest sister is getting married March 30th and I didn't want to move before then, so April just made sense. Then the option of moving in late May got thrown into the mix and we decided we would make a pro/con list to decide. In May we have my youngest sister's graduation (which we were going to come back for), her prom (which she begged me to do her hair and makeup for), a wedding, and the ability to have my parents help us move and get situated. The biggest con is I feel like if I don't go soon then I'll get cold feet and never go. Before we even started the pro/con list, to give you the short version of the story, last Friday night my youngest sister had a little fainting spell and seizure which resulted in me calling 911 and her going to the hospital - and it terrified me. I immediately made the decision to stay until the end of May. I need all of the extra days with my family that I can get!

How do you feel about moving?

I feel all of the things! Excited and sad. But for now, mostly excited!

How does Caleb feel?

Oh, he's so pumped for it! 

We're actually flying out there next week to check everything out. This will be my first time going to Texas! This will also be my first time flying and I'm nauseous just writing about it right now. I'm just a person who likes a plan B. There is no plan B when flying. I like control. I like being on the ground. Y'all just pray for me! 

See y'all next week for another Wild West Wednesday when I'll actually be in Texas! Ahh, can't wait!

xoxo, Kaylyn 


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