White Dresses

Oh my gosh, my heart will skip a beat for a good white dress! I love when y'all request blog posts and a sweet gal requested for a white dress post - which is right up my alley. Anddd now I want way too many white dresses for myself!

I've been wanting to take family pictures before we make the move to Texas, and what's better for family pics than a timeless white dress?! I feel like we have a million things to do before we move though, so family pictures may not make the cut. I'm going to start packing things up and organizing this week. Luckily, we didn't unpack most of our items from when we moved into my parents almost a year ago. Crazy to think we've been living with them for almost a year!

Any time I think graduation, vacation, family pictures, bridal events - I think white dresses. Honestly, summertime just makes me crave white dresses. Whatever event you're shopping for, I hope you find the perfect white dress!

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