Sneakers with Dresses + Moving Update

Sneakers with dresses would hands down be my favorite trend right now. I mean, when you combine cute and comfortable, you really can't go wrong! I've been wearing this exact outfit so much one might think it's my required uniform. I'll admit, this dress is on the pricier end for what I would typically spend on one item, but BuddyLove items are made extremely well and last forever. I typically size down in this brand, because it does run a little big. I make exceptions for some dresses that look a little short and go with my normal size, which is a small. The dress pictured above I'm in an XS, though!

Dress (size xs) // Sneakers (size 7.5)
Bangles (size small) // Earrings

Growing up is for the birds. That was my first thought after moving last week. My precious parents helped us make the 12 hour drive to New Braunfels from Tallahassee and then spent four days with us here. I was totally fine those four days and it seemed like we moved to the coolest town ever! Then, my parents left and I cried like a baby and wondered what in the world I was thinking moving here - ha, sounds extreme, but its true. 

How can growing up be so wonderful yet so sad at the same time? I miss living in the same house as my parents and three sisters, yet I love having my little family and our own space. I miss my mom being with me 24/7, yet I love being that role for Bentley. As you can tell, I've been all up in my feels these past few days and have had plenty of deep thoughts. I'm trying so hard to enjoy these years we'll have in Texas, but I can't help but to long for the day we'll be living in the same town as my family again!

I'm heavily trying to convince my entire family to move here, because I really do love this town. It's a small town feel, but has big town amenities (like Target😉). We're so close to Austin and San Antonio that we have everything just a short drive away, yet don't live in the hustle and bustle that those big cities come with - and I love that! Plus, I can drive five minutes from my house in one direction and be at Target, or go five minutes the other direction and be among pastures of farmland and cows. Hello, dream world. 

Love from Texas,

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