Baby #2!

Gosh, y'all have no idea how hard of a secret to keep this baby was! It was probably a good thing I went missing from the social media world for 3 weeks (due to being so sick) or else I would've spilled the beans so much sooner than I did. 

First let me catch you up to speed and answer the basic questions:

We found out July 8th that we were pregnant. At that point I was only 3 weeks pregnant and hadn't missed my next due period yet, but I KNEW I was pregnant this time. We were trying and I had so many symptoms that I had when I was pregnant with Bentley that I just couldn't resist taking a pregnancy test. I didn't tell Caleb that I was going to take a test and I told myself I would surprise him in a cute way if it was positive..well, that idea only lived in my head because I couldn't even go five minutes without telling him. 

These next few questions are from the bundle you guys asked me on instagram:

Did you get pregnant super easily?

Yes! First, let me say I know what a HUGE blessing that is and my heart hurts for those that struggle with getting pregnant and infertility. When I found out I was pregnant I immediately thought of three women (some I know personally and some I know just through social media) who have struggled to get pregnant, had a miscarriage, or are just in a season of waiting. I prayed for those women and their spouses right away and still do almost every night. Sorry for the long winded answer, this subject is just so heavy on my heart

We got pregnant right away and I'm not sure why I was so shocked haha, but for some reason I expected it to take a few months. I actually got Bentley to take the pregnancy test to Caleb to let him in on the secret and then I just started crying like a baby I was so happy. A baby is just the biggest and best blessing!

How are you feeling? Cravings?

Whew, for 3/4 weeks I was so so sick. Which I expected to be sick, because I was with Bentley (like the majority of my pregnancy). but I just hoped this time would be different.. and it is, because I was actually way more sick with this baby than I was with Bentley haha. I visited my family when I was only 5 weeks pregnant and I didn't want to tell them yet because we wanted to surprise everyone in a cute way ~ but literally after being with my dad for 10 minutes he said "Kaylyn, are you pregnant?" and then I couldn't lie and started tearing up again because I was so happy. Geez, the hormones were going crazy. My family finding out so early on was actually a good thing, because Bentley and I were visiting them to go on vacation which actually just ended up me laying in bed all day and throwing up, so my mom and dad tended to Benny and played nurse to me. When we got back home I still had another week or so until my first appointment but then my sickness took a turn for the worse and I threw up 8 times in one day and wasn't able to even keep water down, so my doctor saw me the very next day and now I take medicine daily and PTL it has helped so so much!
No cravings, just weird aversions. The main one being I absolutely did not want coffee for the first 9 weeks. The thought of it alone would make me nauseous. Starting this week I'll drink one here and there but not daily like I did (and relied on) before getting pregnant!

When do you find out gender? What do y'all want? Names?

We find out in 6ish weeks! And we just want a "healthy baby"..kidding, it bugs me when people say that haha. OF COURSE and OBVIOUSLY we want a healthy baby above anything else!! But we still have our preferences and I think that is totally fine to say. Let me start by saying, we want 4 kids. And some days Caleb says 5, but he just doesn't know that's not happening ha. So, no matter what this baby is we will have more babies (hopefully!) and the chance to have the opposite sex of whatever this one may be. I would say 80% of me wants it to be a girl. I have three sisters and sisters are the best! Plus, it would just be so easy being able to re-use all of the things we already have of Bentley's. And Caleb said "we just know girl" and agreed to how easy (and how much money we would save haha) if it was another girl! But I do want a boy one day! And if that means this pregnancy then I'm fine with that too. We don't have a name picked out for a boy, but for a girl we're 98% sure it would be Emme Jo. Just the fact that Caleb and I actually agreed on a name makes me want it to be a girl even more. Oh, and I think it's a girl! Initially I thought boy. But, I'm terribly sick (similar to how I was with Bentley) and the heart rate was high which is an old wives tale that points to girl and was true with Bentley.
This post was so fun to put together and I am thrilled that the news is out! I'll be hoping on stories to keep y'all updated throughout this pregnancy so stay tuned for that. If you have any questions for me or if I can be praying for you and your own journey to pregnancy then please DM me, leave a comment, or email me!

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