Life Update: Adjusting to Texas + Pregnancy

Hi sweet friends!

Y'all are so sweet to inquire about how our move to Texas has been so I figured this life update post would be dedicated to mainly that. The only other major thing happening is we're pregnant with baby #2, but I dedicated an entire post to that so if you missed it click here to get caught up!

We have been official Texans for 3 months now! Honestly the first thing that comes to mind is how HOT it is here. Gosh, it's almost miserable. Being from Florida I really wasn't worried about the heat in Texas, but boy was I wrong.

Honestly, we LOVE the town we live in. It is the perfect size. Small town feel but has the amenities of a city (ex. Target!) and we're just a short drive to San Antonio and Austin if we do need something that our town doesn't offer.

I'm excited for Fall here, and not just because of the cooler temps haha, but everyone has told us October through December is the best in New Braunfels. Apparently our town does holidays big! So, I really want to dive into our town and all it has to offer. I've been a little homesick recently and decided it's time I start actually trying to make it feel homey here. I'm stuck in this place of not wanting to spend any money on our apartment because it is so temporary and I would rather save money for our first home and more permanent decor, but it just doesn't have a warm/cozy/home-like feel right now so this week I'm searching for a few pieces to turn this house into a home😉. I've already made Caleb rearrange all of the furniture in Bentley's room to make it feel more cozy. And we're tackling the living room today. Oh, and for the first time since we've been married I'm actually printing out photos to put in the empty picture frames that have been with us since the beginning haha. I think these little changes will actually help a lot!

I have to say two of the biggest things for me would be missing family and missing our church, Ya really don't know how good you have it until it's gone. Y'all are probably thinking 'then why the heck did you move there?!', and I feel ya, sister, but I truly think this season is going to be such a great season of growth for us, individually and together as a family. So I'm giving it a year for sure and if after that we decide to go back to Florida, then we will (most likely.)

What "growth" am I talking about? I'll be the first to admit that I'm a dependent person. Not that I need other people to do things for me, but I definitely thrive off of having my tribe of people with me at all times. I hate trying new things, and seriously would never do it alone. My best friend was my crutch all throughout school (elementary all the way through high school), my older sisters have forged every path that I've gone down, and my parents will literally do anything for me. I don't want to paint this picture that I'm incapable of anything haha, that's not the case, I just want to be more outgoing and independent. Things that I know will help me grow as a christian and as a mom. And I would say I've already grown (a little)! We started going to a new church and it's not like our beloved City Church back home. It's different and I don't do different well. I like the same things. I mean, hello, I've literally slept with the same purple blanket since 3rd grade (my insta story friends know what I'm talking about😂.) But ANYWAYS, I thought that once we found a church for us it would just "feel" like home. That might be the case for some people, but it would never be the case for me, because I don't like new things or change so literally no where I go for the first time will feel like home to me. As long as this church is preaching the Bible and teaching the truth, then it IS the church for me. God has called me to live in community, not to live comfortably! Although it is out of my comfort zone to go to new places and meet new people, I put on my big girl pants and go. So that's just a little tidbit of knowledge I've gained since being here.

Oh, and this is going to make me sound insane, because it is insane. But, y'all. I literally can not believe how big I already am. Ugh, I hate feeling like this because I truly am SO stinkin' grateful to be carrying this little babe in me and never want to complain about pregnancy. This has just been a tough one. I don't know if it's because my expectations were so different than how things have gone or what. First, I was hopeful I wouldn't be sick this pregnancy, because I was pretty sick while pregnant with Bentley, but somehow I'm even more sick this time. Then, I did think I would show sooner than I did with Bentley, but not this soon. I mean I was like 5 months pregnant before you could really tell, and now I look like I am 5 months pregnant when I'm only 11 weeks! Geez. I have no happy ending to this. Just know I would gain 100 pounds if it meant I could carry a baby. But, being sick and huge right now just stinks. Its a happy stink? Lol I dont know.

Okay I'm officially over the socially acceptable word count so I'm signing off for the sake of everyone!

Peace and love, my people.


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