My Personal Christmas List

My Personal Christmas List!

To kick off Christmas Gift Guides I'm starting with my personal "wish list." Many of you requested to see what I'm wanting and that's when I officially decided y'all are my people, because I too like to see others wish list to get me inspired! And to be totally honest I'm actually mainly asking for money this year because I want to buy a monogram machine..because that's what life calls for when you have two little girls. But I've kept a running "wish list" of items throughout this past year and these are the ones that made the final cut!

1. Champagne BudHa Girl Bangles - I absolutely love the this new "champagne" finish that Budha Girl Bangles just came out with! I have the gold and rose gold bangles and can tell you they are 100% worth the money. I wear them with everything!

2. Barrington Gifts Hanging Toiletry Kit - Another brand that I already own a ton from and just can't get enough. I'm in desperate need of a good "traveling toiletry bag", and this is the cutest one out there!

3. Minted Silhouette Print - Babies don't keep and I have no idea where the time goes. I've been wanting a traditional silhouette print of Bentley's 2 year old profile and I just discovered that minted offers them in several colors. This would make the perfect gift for any mama!

4. Lake Pajamas - These pajamas have been on my wish list for at least a year and with a new baby on the way (along with many sleepless nights), I figured now is the best time to ask for them!

5. Barrington Gifts Eyeglass Case - Yet another item from barrington gifts! I have a nasty habit of throwing my glasses into my purse without protecting them in any way. So maybe this adorable glasses case will help me break that? hopeful!

6. Morphe Brush Set - With as much as I love makeup it might come as a surprise that I've never owned a "nicer" brush set. I love the morphe brand and have heard great things about these brushes!

7. Fresh Cut Grass Candle - THIS. My favorite candle ever to exist. 

8. Tula Acne Routine - I actually already use one of the products included in this kit and I absolutely love it, as well as the other Tula products that I've tried, so I've been wanting to try this kit out for a while.

9. Lisi Lerch Bow Earrings - I adore these precious bow earrings! 

10. Weezie Towels - I think I have officially matured..I want TOWELS for Christmas, ha! Honestly, a nice monogrammed towel that holds up in the wash and is stylish is something I just need. Things like that bring me so much happiness! The picture above isn't the exact ones I want but I thought the picture was cute - highly encourage y'all to go onto their website and play around with all of the color and font styles!

11. Nespresso Machine - I don't love a hot coffee, but I love a hot latte. Another sign I have officially entered adulthood. A nice espresso maker with a milk frother is at the top of my wish list!

12. Lisi Lerch Star Earrings - Another pair of Lisi Lerch earrings that I've been eyeing for a while. I love the star trend!


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