Southern Guys Gift Guide

The Southern Guy Gift Guide

If you're not from the south, then I apologize. For many reasons, mainly involving amazing food, but also because this gift guide may not fit into your guy's lifestyle. But, if you are from the south - then congrats! You're in the right place and live in the land of the most amazing food😉 My husband helped me pick out the majority of these items so I know they are "southern guy" approved. 

1. Camo Patagonia - Okay, so this is the one item that I solely picked out (but Caleb approved!) and I love it. I think patagonia pullovers look so nice on every guy, no matter age and body figure, and they come in several colors! I've never seen this camo one before and think it looks so good.

2. Corkcicle Cigar Glass - We've actually given these as gifts before and I know they are a hit! You can pick out a cigar and tie it onto the giftwrapping to really pull it all together.

3. Fishing Coffee Mug - Fisherman or not..this coffee mug is cool and "manly", haha. 

4. Quail Hat - Caleb loves this brand and I think so many of their items are cute. It's a brand that isn't too popular so it'll make the perfect unique gift for any guy.

5. Camo Shirt - You'll have to choose your shirt based off of the hunting your guy does, but I've been told these are nice shirts that any gut would appreciate!

6. Waterfowl Barware - Every southern man needs a set of these old fashioned barware glasses. Whether its ducks, quail, deer, hunting can pretty much find them in design. I've linked these back to a super popular store in Tallahassee and Thomasville, but Caleb and I have found some super unique ones at antique stores. I'm sure a quick google search will bring up several options as well!

7.Yeti LoadOut GoBox - I would list out all of the reasons that the guy in your life might need this..but in an effort to not completely butcher the actual reason this Yeti box exists I'm just going to let you know that Caleb has this on his list and really wants it haha. Maybe they put their hunting/fishing stuff in it? Honestly I think you can put the name "Yeti" on anything and guys think it's cool, haha.

8. Dude Shoes - My dad and brother-in-law have these shoes and absolutely love them! I think they're super cute (I should probably find another word to describe men's footwear) and they're such a reasonable price. Perfect gift for dads, grandpas, husbands, boyfriends.. everyone wears shoes! ;)

9. Ryan Kirby Art - This is one of Caleb's top items! He has been wanting this print (and several others from Ryan Kirby Art) for a long time and I think they are really cool. We have animals mounted throughout our house so this honestly would fit into our home decor, but it's also perfect for a man cave or guy's office!

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