We're Moving...again!

Wow, it's been a minute since I've sat down to write a blog post! Honeslty, this pregnancy has just gotten the best of me. Any one else struggle with RLS during pregnancy? Gosh, it's been the worst. But today I am 30 weeks so I am feeling so hopeful knowing that in just 10 weeks or less this sweet babe will be here (after typing this sweet babe I realized we still haven't shared her name, haha maybe I'll be super productive this week and share that too!) and it'll all be so worth it!

Speaking of this sweet babe..we're moving!..back to Tallahassee! It all came so fast and pretty unexpected that it feels weird to even type that out. But, overall baby #2 is what pushed us to move back this soon. To back track a little bit, we moved out to Texas in June of 2019 knowing we would be here anywhere from a year to 3 years. (We came for Caleb's job which would be a whole other blog post just to accurately describe what he does and why up and moving so quickly is an option for us). We found out in July 2019 that we were pregnant and we were fully prepared to have that baby here in Texas! But ultimately decided, with factors of Caleb's job into play, that we would move back in June 2020, making it one year in Texas. We LOVE our Texas town. Like SO so much. But nothing compares to being surrounded by family, especially when you have kiddos! So the 12 hour distance just wasn't doing it for us. 

We went home for the holidays and of course both of our families kept going on and on about how moving back before the baby came would be best. We really had nothing holding us here so I'm not sure why I was so dead set on not moving until June. The lease on our apartment was truly the only thing that would be a problem. The thought of even trying to move back sooner never even crossed my mind. Then after Christmas my MIL simply pointed out how hard it would be to move with a 2 month old versus just moving back now. Sometimes we just need moms/motherly figures to say something out loud for it to make sense to us, right? haha. So literally 3 days before we were supposed to come back to Texas we decided that we would look for a place to live in Tallahassee and if it worked out then we would move back and if not we would stay in Texas. As you now know..it all worked out! 

We've been back in Texas for a total of 9 days and we leave tomorrow to head back to Tallahassee! I've been running around (okay, walking around, because I'm 30 weeks pregnant and huge) getting everything packed up and in order to move. My parents and Meme fly in tonight and will help us load everything into a Uhaul and start our trek back home.

So thankful for these past 7 months and all that it's brought and taught, but it is time to be back home with our people!

See ya in the Sunshine State,

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