Toddler Swim Finds


Spring is coming, friends! Nothing makes this Florida girl happier than when winter starts to go and summer starts to show. We have lots of beach and pool days in our future so I have swim on the mind right now. Plus, growing up my Mom always put a new swimsuit, beach towel, and summer accessories into our Easter baskets and now I'm going to do that for my girls! 

If you've never heard of Native shoes then I'll go ahead and tell you they're a toddler's mom dream. Whether it be sand, mulch, water, mud..there's no condition these shoes can't survive. So easy to wash out and also breathable and light for a summertime closed toe shoe. Last Spring/Summer we actually went through two pairs of these dupes due to Bentley's foot growing so fast, and I'd definitely recommend getting the dupe pair if you have a child that is going through a growth spurt. This year I'm buying the actual Natives because I love that color pink and know we'll get our money's worth out of them by passing them down from Bentley to Emme. 

I so wish I would've found these puddle jumper covers last year whenever Bentley was using puddle jumpers. For $10 and free 2 day shipping you really can't beat it! 

You can easily shop anything in this post by clicking the picture of the item below. I do get a tiny commission when you shop through my links and I so appreciate you taking that step to make sure I get credit. Y'all are the sweetest and it brings me so much joy to put these blog posts together and give others some inspiration!

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