Emme Jo's Birth Story

Being a mom is the greatest blessing. I can't even begin to describe the immediate and immense love that comes along with motherhood. Being a second time mom, and experiencing this all with Bentley, I should've known how intensely I would love this sweet baby. Yet, holding Emme still takes my breath away and gives me all the butterflies!

Let's just dive into it, though. Here is my sweet Emme's birth story.

Saturday, March 21st, we woke up as a family of 3. I got up and told Caleb I was going to the craft store..but really I went to a children's clothing store and bought four matching outfits for the girls, ha. This has nothing to do with the birth story really, it's just a funny detail I hope to always remember. And two of the dresses I bought will be dresses that I keep forever. (So Benny and Emme, when I pass these down for your children please appreciate them!) Oh, and..Caleb didn't figure out that is what I actually did until a week later, which is another hilarious fact that I hope to remember forever.

Anyways, back to the story! After the "craft store" I picked up Caleb and Bentley and we went to my parents house for breakfast. I started to officially feel contractions while we were there, but I questioned if they were real or not. So around 9/10am is when I can say I started having contractions. I have a very high pain tolerance so I need the pain to really be killing me in order to know something is going on. Once I decided they were real we left Bentley at my parents so that we could go home and finish packing hospital bags. I wasn't concerned about my bag until I found out that absolutely no visitors would be allowed to see us during our stay at the hospital (thanks to corona virus), so I majorly over packed just in case. Literally the entire day Saturday I had contractions 10 minutes a part and they never grew any closer than 8 minutes a part. If you don't know, the "golden rule" is to labor at home until your contractions are 5 minutes a part. I labored in the hospital with Bentley for 14 hours and just really didn't want to do that again so this go around I labored at home for as long as possible. We went back and forth between our house and my parents house because I wanted to see Bentley as much as possible before we had to go to the hospital, but I also needed to get things ready to go as well as enjoy the comfort of being home during uncomfortable contractions.

Since my contractions weren't getting any closer together I was really unsure when I would be going to the hospital so I struggled with the decision of if we should leave Bentley with my parents for the night or take her home with us. She made the decision for us by begging to stay with them and I'm glad she did, because I woke up at 2:30am due to awful contractions. Caleb's one request was to not go into labor during the middle of the night, so out of the kindness of my heart I tried to make it closer to the morning..kidding I still just wanted to labor at home for as long as possible. I took a warm bath and tried to go back to sleep. My contractions were 5 minutes a part and pretty dang painful so I texted my mom to see if I should go. I was actually nervous that I wouldn't be far along enough haha. She convinced me to go ahead and go to the hospital and the pain I was experiencing was not pleasant to say the least. At 3:30am I told Caleb to pack the car and let's leave. We got to the hospital around 4 and it was pretty weird. Due to the corona virus there were barely any cars at the emergency center and women's pavilion (they're right next to each other) and usually you can barely find a parking spot no matter the time of day. We also had to be questioned about corona virus and whether we thought we had it or had been around anyone with it before we were allowed in.

I found out about a week before I went into labor that only one person could be with me during my labor and stay at the hospital. Obviously, that person would be Caleb. But it was literally heartbreaking to not be able to have my mom there. She's my person. She makes me feel calmer. She listens, but keeps me grounded to reality. She's helpful and honest. She's a mom of 4, so well experienced in this category. I needed her. When I went to the hospital to have Bentley my entire family came with me and stayed for the majority of the time, except when Bentley was actually born, then it was just my mom and Caleb. This time I was so excited to have my sisters be there for it all. And it was not optional for my mom to be there. But I had to change my plans.

We got checked in and set up in triage. A sweet nurse came to see how far along I was and I was 5cm. She told me "I thought you either weren't far along at all or knew you just had to have a high pain tolerance..and now I see it's a high pain tolerance", which just gave me some encouragement.
Since I was 5cm they moved me to my room right away and got me all set up. Between taking my blood, getting the IV in me, and taking down all of my information it was now 5:40am. I was texting my mom updates so I have a good record of time! My nurses were so fun and talkative that I sort of just ignored my contractions while they were in there, which took up a good 40 minutes. I sent my mom the last update at 5:45am. I asked for medicine at 6:18am. I was given Stadol, which in the nurses words "just makes you feel drunk but doesn't take away the pain," and I can completely agree because at 6:30am I threw up because of the medicine. So at this point I have nothing helping me with the pain. At 6:50am I was in the worst pain ever and was completely horrified because when they last checked me I was just 5cm, which meant I had 5 more to go before came the time to push, and my water hadn't broken, which happened a few hours before having Bentley. Looking back at it now, it wasn't that the pain was unbearable, it was that I thought I was going to have to endure hours more of it before having Emme. I have no idea what time it was but I told Caleb "I just want my mom here" (how old are you when you stop needing your mom?) and I told the nurse "I need to be checked because if I haven't progressed I might need an epidural." If you read either of those in a calm voice just know that is was more like heavy breathing and moaning just to get those words out in between awful contractions. It's obviously after 7am now, my nurse checked me, panicky said "oh ok ok you're 10cm baby is coming it's time to push I gotta go get the doctor." She came back rushing around to get things set up. I was so confused because I thought my water would break a while before having her so I literally told the nurse "but my water hasn't broken?!" like maybe she was wrong haha...Where things really turn interesting is that another laboring mom just so happened to have "flu like symptoms", which could or could not be corona, so the only doctor on call was quarantined with her..THANKFULLY my actual doctor was called in and literally came running from his car straight into my room. He sat down, said to me "okay this baby is coming this push I need you to be ready." I pushed once. My doctor said "okay grab your baby." And then I grabbed my sweet Emme.

In review: I arrived to hospital at 4. Got settled in my room at 5:40. Last responded to my moms text at 5:45. Got medicine at 6:18. Threw up medicine at 6:30. My mom texted me "any new updates?" at 7:11. I had Emme at 7:24. Responded to my mom at 7:32 "had a baby lol."

It was the crazy, wild, and extremely fast. Caleb was great. It wasn't how I planned things to go at all but none of that mattered during the moments after Emme was born. We snuggled her. We couldn't take our eyes off of her. We loved her.

The two nights in the hospital were long and tough. I was bleeding too much so it was up in the air how long I would need to stay. We found out Emme had a heart murmur and of course that was a curveball and we had no idea what that meant for us. I wanted to just hold Bentley so bad. And I wanted all of my family to surround us and get to be with Emme. However, I knew those 3 days would be so so short in comparison to the rest of her life. We would get to hug, cuddle, and be with everyone soon. Being a pandemic baby seemed big at the time, especially with all of the laws and limitations that affected us, but past this year and for all of her years to come it would mean nothing, just a small detail in her life.

This transition from 1 baby to 2 has been so easy, not to jinx myself. Bentley is the best big sister. She's as sweet as can be. Emme is a great sleeper and such a good baby. Recovery this time around is a BREEZE compared to my postpartum experience after having Bentley. I couldn't be any more grateful for how smooth everything has been. I feel so extremely blessed to be the mother of these little girls. 

Emme girl,

I pray you grow up to be sweet and kind. A friend to all. Strong in your beliefs. Brave and courageous.
I hope you love God with your whole heart. I hope you treasure your sister. I hope you know how much I love you, unconditionally.


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