Fall Family Photos w/ Alexsis Lee Photography

Y'all, are these pictures not a DREAM?! I love them so much and will cherish them forever. I'm always saying this, but this time it might actually be true, this is my favorite season of life ever. A sweet and sassy 3 year old Benny baby and a precious 7 month old Emme girl - how can it get better than this? Oh, and a hardworking, handsome husband! I'm so glad we took family pictures at this age so that I remember it forever.

If you're local to Tallahassee or the North Florida area I can't recommend Alexsis Lee Photography enough! She was absolutely amazing to shoot with. And you would never know from the pictures that Bentley was actually not having it at all, ha. Alexsis was so sweet and creative which really helped when posing us, she made it feel natural. If you're not local I hope you can take some inspiration from these pics. 

Y'all..take the family pictures! You will be so glad you did.

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