Christmas Pajamas for Kids


Can y'all tell I have a thing for light pink and light blue? Is my obsession noticeable? 😉  Goodness, these jammies are all so precious! Benny and Emme Jo will be wearing the ones in the bottom right corner on Christmas Eve. And if I'm being honest, they've been wearing them since we got them during the first week of November, but it's 2020 and there are no rules so we get to celebrate Christmas for as long as we want! I also got them the extra fuzzy slippers and Bentley is obsessed with them. They're only $10! 

You can shop all of these finds, including the accessories and books, by clicking the picture below. I receive a teeny tiny commission when you shop through my links and it truly does mean so much when y'all take the extra step of going through my blog or page! Thanks so much!


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