I think babies can sometimes be the hardest to buy for, especially if you aren't currently in that season of life having a 0-12m old. As a mom of two (current ages 3 + 8m) I hope these suggestions will make your gift shopping even easier!

No matter the age of the baby you're gifting to I really can't recommend the luxe baby blankies enough. Bentley is going on three years of sleeping with her "blankie." And there was a time in our life where we could not go anywhere without it! I'll never forget frantically calling target to see if we left "blankie" in our cart and preparing myself for a sad baby that night! Luckily we found blankie at home and my mother-in-law immediately ordered a "back-up blankie" just in case. Goodness, I feel like I am attached to the blankie at this point haha! 

For baby babies, you can't go wrong with the cute paci clips the crochet ice cream cone or milk rattles! Rattles are definitely a gift that grows with them. Emme is currently loving Bentley's train set so I put the pink one on her Christmas list and I know she'll love it. If you know mom's style then I highly suggest the baby bubbles! I always love receiving precious baby clothing. I know Emme would love that plush purse and thought the boy's sport bag was adorable.

I hope this helps some of you mamas or giftgivers!
xo, Kaylyn


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