The Friday Five ~ No.1

 Hi friends!

Welcome to the latest and greatest series on the blog, The Friday Five. Where I'll be sharing my top five favorite things that I've been loving lately. I love love love fashion and initially started this blog to serve as a fashion blog, but lifestyle has really become my niche as my family and I have grown. On The Friday Five you are bound to find a wide variety of items. It may be a new Bible study, a coffee mug, my favorite socks for the girls (yes, I have one), or my latest makeup find. We'll be all over the place, but I hope this will serve you in some way!

This week was pretty difficult to chose just five, so I went with what I've used the absolute most and will share the others next week! 

1. Ponds Makeup Remover - this $5 makeup remover balm is my new favorite! It takes off every little bit of makeup. I have very sensitive skin so I made sure to test this out for 3 weeks before I reported to y'all. It's amazing! 10/10 recommend.

2. Lake Pajamas Weekend Set - Gosh, if you've been around here for a minute then you already know about my obsession with Lake Pajamas. This set is the newest addition to my collection and is currently the pjs I reach for the most. They are definitely pricey, so I usually put them on my holiday wish lists or save up for their sales (which typically happen only twice a year, but I'll keep y'all posted!).

3. Laneige Lip Mask - Ohhh my gosh. Now that I have this product I don't think I'll ever be able to live without it. Technically its a lip sleeping mask, so apply a thick layer before bed, but I also do a thin layer throughout the day sort of like using chapstick or lipgloss. My lips have never looked or felt better! I linked the one I use on this post, but my sister-in-law has spotted this same brand at TJMaxx for a little cheaper, so keep an eye out!

4. Yeti Mugs - Another item I'll no longer be able to live without. I typically drink iced coffee but during the winter I need a good hot coffee. However, I'm a slow sipper and typically have to reheat my coffee 37 times. These mugs have been a game changer. I use the short one for home an the tall one for on the go (it fits in car cupholders and has a closable lid)!

5. Chain + Coin Necklaces - These are sold separately, but I've worn them together almost every single day since I got them. They're a great price and amazing quality! 

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