Back to School Buying

Call me crazy. It is only June and I'm already ordering back to school clothes for Benny girl. In my defense, the super sweet southern/smocked outfits are usually presale and you're not always guaranteed your size if you don't order in advance. So here I am, planning out Bentley's back to school outfits. There are several outfits I've been eyeing but decided she only needs so many "ABC" shirts. 

You guys know this is more casual than I usually dress my babies, but don't fret, there will be lots of smocked dresses and TBBC outfits in play as well haha. Bentley talks about school every day and it just makes me so happy for her. I'm sure I'll be like most other moms and cry the first day I drop her off (her program is just 3 hrs a day, so hopefully it's an easy adjustment for both of us), but I really am so excited for her and know she's so ready for this! 

Benny is my late sleeper. Emme gets me up at least an hour before Bentley wakes up, which is nice so I can snuggle on her solo for a little bit. But when Bentley wakes up, she strolls out of bed, with messy hair and her teddy bear in one hand, straight into my lap to snuggle. It melts me every time. I know the time is coming where she won't want to snuggle with me the first 10 minutes of her day, so I soak in every moment of that right now. 

Well, this took a turn from back to school clothes to something a little more emotional - ha oops! I have a way of doing that. All of the clothes in the picture above are from, I ordered Bentley her true size in everything, but I'm going to link below some other back to school options you can order right now. 

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